2K Comfort Mixing System

2K Mixing Control System which available for 25 color

2K Mixing system which supports the most unit of color used in 1 system

WAGNER 2K Comfort the Basic unit


The 2K mixing system which is operated by electric control cabinet and computer system to control the color mixing and transfer material for production line which has requirement for multi color used. This system support to use material up to 25 colors which is more tha 2K smart 5 times and available to use with 4 spray guns in the same time for high performance of coating procedure.

Mixing and Transfer 2K material for multi-color used


  • Color change in less than one minute

  • Saves up to 90% solvent during color change

  • Parametrization also possible with tablet PC

  • Best Mixing results through AIS technology, patent pending

Mixing unit still be the same as 2K smart which available for direct measurement and indirect measurement but all mixing section will be installed and cover by cabinet.

  • AIS (Adaptive Injection System) is available in this unit.

  • here have 2 choice for flow measurement, the standard direct flow measurement and colioris direct measurement for abrasive materia and indirect measurement will be performed by censor 

2K Comfort Basic Version

with 4 buttons for basic function

Green:Start Red:Stop Blue:Fushing Yellow:Recipe Change

Mixing Section in an isolated cabinet

Adaptive Injection System

B (Hardener) Injection without regulation of the dispensing system's stroke

Equipment provide precisely the dispensing.

Adaptive Injection System or “AIA” is the system which fully automatically controls the dispensing valves stroke. The injection of hardener or “B” components are injected by AIS which has a soft rhythms stroke and almost without interruptions. It make B component to be injected with homogeneous material.


In case of changing in material deliver flow rate, recipe and different number of guns. The dispensing system will adapt automatically to find the optimal mixing ratio.


AIS support to feed precisely material and keep continuously coating quality.

B (Hardener) injection with AIS

2 Measurement System

Flow Stroke Measurement

2K Smart provide 2 stroke measurements which consist of direct material flow measurement and indirect material flow measurement. The direct material flow measurement include standard gear flow meter for normal condition material and colioris gear flow; the new type of direct material flow measurement which built for abrasive material.  For indirect measurement, it guarantees the accuracy of measurement, low discrepancy rate and suitable for using with high density material which make sensors to be quick wearing.

Gear Flow Meter

Gear Flow Meter


  • Direct measurement in material flow - suitable for non-abrasive materials.

  • Fast Reaction time.

  • Can be used for ring paint supply systems.

  • A measuring system for up to 5 paints

Colioris Gear Flow


  • Direct Flow Measurement for Abrasive Material

  • Robust design and wet part is more durable than standard type in order to measure the abrasive material

  • The other feature and operation is the same as standard gear flow measurement.

WAGNER Stroke Sensor


  • Indirect flow measurement without material contact.

  • No wear when using abrasive materials.

  • No risk of incorrect measurements with low-viscosity material.

  • High dosing accuracy with frequent opening and closing of the gun(s).

Techical Data of 2K Comfort Basic Version

WAGNER 2K Comfort Mixing and Dosing unit with Two Fluid circuits

Simultaneous application of 2 different materials with only 1 unit.

The mixing and dosing unit WAGNER 2K COMFORT is also available with two fluid circuits that can be applied in parallel.


  • Physical separation of the materials avoids unit downtimes - especially with highly reactive materials.

  • Up to 50% shorter cycle time of the objects compared to the previous model FlexControl Plus.

  • Investment cost savings of up to 15% in comparison to an application with two one-circuit units.

Isolated Cabinet for B feeding and 2K mixing section for 1st circuit

Isolated Cabinet for B feeding and 2K mixing section for 1st circuit






Main control with 4 main button but separate into 2 lines as the parallel of fluid circuits 

2K Comfort for 2 fluid circuits with completed set. The mixing and transfer section will be separated in stand alone cabinet (left) for installation of mixing equipment. In other hand, the control section (right) will be separated as stand alone.

1. Selectable alignment of the fluid cabinets

Optimized positioning depending on available space

2. Individua Solutions

Just as the 2K comfort basic version, the 2 circuit version can e adapted to specific requirements

3. Separate operating elements for each fluid circuit

Start, stop, flushing, recipe change. No downtime costs due to operating errors.

4. Flexie operation

Input of parameters & recipes possible via touch display or mobile device

5. Easy parametrization

The background color of the display indicatesclearly which fluid circuit is parametrized - saves time and avoids errors

Technical Data of 2K Comfort with 2 fluid circuits

Demonstration Video from manufacturer


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