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The best of the precision and consistency


Twin Control is designed to comply with 2K paint which can use for long period work in order to operate continuously and finish within job requirement whether painting in construction area that it must finish job on time or painting in mass-production factory that it need to increase production capacity and speed up work to finish within time limit. This pump is the robust equipment and low maintenance.


As 2K materials are high viscosity material and quick harden than normal paint so operating system of Twin Control separate A pump for paint and B pump for hardener and 3rd pump for internal flushing process to avoid material coagulate within pump and can work for many hours.


Basic Structure of Twin Control

Control Unit of Twin Control

Control unit is the primary operating function of Twin control. All working parameters such as mixing ratio, flushing procedures, pot life time can be adjustable by using simply buttons on the control panel.

Icon button is designed to make simply understand. (Only has 3 command button; “start” - “stop” and “flush”)

Electronic control Unit

Feeding unit for hardener

- Position B

Feeding unit for Material Paint

- Position A

Magnetic Stroke Meter Section of A Pump and B Pump for transmitting signal to control unit

Mixing Section between Paint (A) and Hardener (B)

Feeding cleaning agent Unit for flushing feeding unit A and B

Trolley for extreme heavy equipment. There also have wall mounting type.

Operateg procedure of Twin Control

2K Feeding Procedure


Feeding unit is installed within Twin Control set are both ice breaker for high pressure feeding and evolution for low pressure feeding with Air Spray Application. There have an advantage of feeding high viscosity paint and working with high pressure. In this case, A represent the material feeding unit and B represent the hardener feeding unit. The operating procedure are following as below;


  1. A and B start working by feeding paint and hardener.

  2. Stroke meter measurement on A and B will send digital signal of quantity in each unit to control unit.

  3. Control unit process all data and control automatically an injection valve following the mixing ratio requirement value which determine the quantity B component.

Send back the Pneumatic signal (air pressure control) to A and B (Injection)

Digital Signal from stroke meter A to control unit

Control unit input feeding data according to setting up value.

Digital Signal from stroke meter B to control unit

Valve A and B

Static Mixer Section

2K Feeding Section

Material A


Material B


Magnetic Stroke Meter

 X Axis (Vertical): Piston Position

Y (Horizontal): Pumped fluid

Example of installing on piston pump

Magnetic Stroke Meter


Piston pump feed precisely value because it has great supporter that it is Magnetic Stroke meter (Patented by WAGNER). Detecting the exactly position of piston in pump and transmit data to electronic control unit to calculate instant flow rate. 


As the magnetic stroke meter are installed outside pump so it will touch with fluid. Therefore, it is long life use and low maintenance.


Application Areas


  • Trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles

  • Protective Coatings

  • Agriculture, construction and earth moving vehicles

  • Metal Industry

  • Rail Cars

  • Wind Turbines

  • Wood Industry

  • Plastic Industry

Processable Materials


-   Low, medium and high viscosity materials

  • Water- and solvent-based materials

  • 2K Epoxy lacquers and primers

  • 2K Pur Lacquers and primers

  • 2K High solids

Technical Data of each Twin Control Units

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