High performance of Air Spray Equipment

For spraying project which need low to medium pressure for finishing. Airspray gun is the most appropriated equipment for these pressure level. It's suitable for roughness surface object. For example, spraying in car garage, small object which can not use high pressure. You may see the details of air spray method in below link;

Operating Structure of Air Spray Gun (Pressure Type)

Low pressure feeding unit*


Material Container

Air Compressor

1. Air Compressor feed air to feeding unit and Air Spray Gun

2. Feeding unit drain material paint from container (Except in case of useg pressure tank that container and feeding are same unit)

3. Feeding unit feed paint to Air Spray Gun

Air Spray Gun

usinging Structure of Air Spray Gun (Gravity or Suction Type)


1. Air Compressor feed air to Air spray gun to operate 

Selecting brand of Air Spray Gun


Walther Pilot Air Spray Gun from Germany that is guaranteed for high quality, efficiency and provide a genuine spare part to service in Thailand. We distribute 3 types of pilot spray gun consist of the pilot premium for dynamic low-pressure use, pilot mini for mini-scale work and pilot bond 2K for 2K adhesive and also available to use with 2K paint and foam fabrication for shock absorption. 


HAKKO EIGHTRON is the high-performance air hose and low-pressure paint hose. Lightweight, flexible and robust. It is suitable for air spray application which makes the painter be more comfortable while using a spray gun. We also have a fitting connection with high-quality material.

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