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Nozzle and Union Nut for AirCoat Spray Gun



Create the high performance spray pattern

There has 2 types for nozzle which are flat nozzle and round nozzle for maximize the surface coating area.

As the different of nozzle shape, the union nut is different in order to match with nozzle type.

1. Round Nozzle R Series

Round nozzle create the spray pattern which make round coating mark on surface. It is suitable for wide area of piece work or round piece work in order to make surface coating quality to be consistency. The union nut must be followed the nozzle with structure on below;

A: Union Nut for Round nozzle

B: Nozzle Screw joint

C: Round nozzle

In case of using flat nozzle, all part must be replaced.

Round Nozzle Position GM4700.png




R Nozzle GM4700.jpg

Round Nozzle Table by size

Round nozzle will be separated by size and flow rate on below table

GM4700 R Nozzle Table (ENG).png

2. Flat Nozzle ACF3000


Regular Nozzle for AirCoat Spray Gun

Whether aircoat manual type or automatic type which is installed with machine, flat nozzle is common use for both of type because it is more flexible for operation even the surface coating area is thinner than round nozzle but it is compensated by applying with various type of surface and spray pattern is adjustable. Therefore, it is possible to instead the round nozzle.

Using flat nozzle is required to change the aircap and union nut.


AirCoat Union

For Manual Type


AirCoat Union

For Automatic Type

Union Nut for Flat Nozzle

The different between union nut of flat nozzle for manual type and automatic type that the union nut for manual type has finger protection in order to prevent the high pressure spray flow even the there has low pressure air spray to control the flow but the paint flow still be high pressure.  Both union nut for manual and automatic type has the same duty for inserting the air cap.

GM4700 Air Cap.jpg

AirCap for Flat Nozzle ACF3000

AirCap create the low pressure air spray to make coating performance to be high quality. There has 3 color to represent the feature of material by following as below;

- Red AirCap LV for Low Viscosity

- Blue AirCap HV for High Viscosity

- Bronze AirCap LA for low air application

AirCap Installation on Union Nut: Manual Type

GM4700 Red Aircap.png
GM4700 Blue Aircap.png
GM4700 Bronze Aircap.png

AirCap Installation on Uniton Nut: Automatic Type

Red AirCap.png
Blue AirCap.png
Bronze AirCap.png
GM4700 Nozzle.png

ACF3000 Flat Nozzle Standard Series

The most regular nozzle for aircoat spray gun. Information of size and identification will be explained on below link;


Please click left icon in order to download the ACF3000 nozzle chart. (Bilingual Document Thai-English)

ACF 3000 Plus.jpg

ACF3000 Plus Flat Nozzle Special Series

Special Type for Flat nozzle. Information of size and identification will be explained on below link;


Please click left icon in order to download the ACF3000 Plus nozzle chart. (Bilingual Document Thai-English)

AirCoat Spray Gun

Air Coat Gun.png

GM4700 AirCoat Manual Spray Gun


GA4000AC AirCoat Automatic Spray Gun


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