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Air Cap and Nozzle

For GM5000EA and GA5000EA


Finishing Quality.png

Showing the performance of spray pattern

Nozzle and air cap determine the spray pattern, coating performance and consumption rate of operation. Choosing the suitable item for workpiece must be considered as significant matter so please see the details of each section are following. as below;

  • Flat Pattern (Nozzle and Air Cap for Flat Pattern)

  • Round Pattern (Nozzle and Air Cap for Round Pattern)

1. Flat Spray Pattern

GM5000EA Flat Pattern.png







Flat Pattern Picture

Component of Spray Pattern

  1. Material Paint Flow

  2. Shaping air or Pattern Control Air

  3. Atomizing Air

  4. Air Cap which create the spray pattern

  5. Spray Angle

  6. Flat Spray Pattern

Flat Pattern Application


In this pattern, paint pressure at nozzle is 2 bar and air pressure will be 2.5 - 4.0 bar will be the suitable rate for flat spray pattern in order to prevent the over spray issue and be enable to adjust the pattern size which depend on air cap and nozzle size.

Feature of Flat Pattern


  • Large range of adjustment of the spray pattern

  • Thin layers

  • Uniform coating thickness

  • Perfect finish and the most regular used

1.1 Air Cap and Nozzle for Flat Pattern

Flat Air Cap.jpg
AF 5000 Air Caps.png

Flat Air Cap

AF5000 air cap for flat nozzle


This air cap must be used with flat nozzle AF5000 only because the air cap create the flat pattern and be operated together with flat nozzle to create pattern like fan. However, there have 2 type of aircap which are small air cap and wide air cap with the same nozzle set.

AF 5000 Aircap Table ENG.png
AF5000 Nozzle.png

AF5000 Flat Nozzle


Flat Nozzle which is required to use with AF5000 air cap. The nozzle color is separated by nozzle size to make be simply for understanding and select easily for application. The details of nozzle are following as below;

AF 5000 Nozzle Table ENG.png

2. Round Spray Pattern

GM5000EA Round Pattern.png





Round Pattern Picture

Component of Spray Pattern

  1. Atomizing Air

  2. Material Paint Flow

  3. Union Nut

  4. Round Pattern

Round Pattern Application


In this round pattern, paint pressure at nozzle are 0.5 - 2.0 bar and air pressure atomize at 2.5 - 4.0 bar suitable pressure for round pattern. This pressure prevent the overspray issue and there have 2 size for selection.

Feature of round pattern


  • Thin layers

  • Uniform Coating thickness

  • Perfect finish for large work piece

2.1 Aircap and Nozzle for round pattern

Round Air Cap.jpg

AR5000 Air Cap for Round Pattern


AR5000 Air Cap is designed for round nozzle by following 2 size on below

AR5000 Air Cap - D8 (2310557) for nozzle AR5000 - D8 (2310558)

AR5000 Air Cap - D12 (2315049) for nozzle AR5000 - D12 (2315050)

AR 5000 Nozzle.png

AR5000 Round Nozzle for round pattern


These nozzle has 2 size and use the same number with air cap by following as below;

AR5000 Nozzle - D8 (2310558) for diameter at 8 mm.

AR5000 Nozzle - D12 (2315050) for diameter at 12 mm

3. Compatible Electrostatic Spray Gun for this nozzle and aircap


Electrostatic Gun


Air Spray

GA5000 (New Pic).jpg

Electrostatic Gun


Air spray

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