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Performance and Reliable of Equipment

Whatever the airless spray pack has good performance or not, the accessories of airless equipment such as spray gun hose nozzle and etc must have a good performance at the same level in order to use with full performance.

Using official airless accessories from WAGNER will provide the full performance and make customer feel comfortable and reliable. The accessories such as airless spray gun will also have warranty and after sales service from authorized distributor.

The advantage of using WAGNER accessories will give the airless spray pack are using with perfect performance following specification and make this unit to be in condition of warranty (Depend on instruction manual)

AIRLESS High Pressure Spray Gun

The high performance equipment of success

Provide the information of all airless spray gun series. Start with VECTOR pro, VECTRO Infinity for special series, filler spray gun for skim coat AG-19 and the biggest airless spray gun PROTEC GM-1

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Nozzle Size will support to choose airless application

WAGNER Airless Nozzle conclude the standard nozzle "TRADETIP 3" for all airless spray pack. New Airless Nozzle "HEA TIP" for diaphragm spray pack Hero 23 (a.k.a. super finish 23 Pro)

The significant nozzle information is nozzle size. This information will link with airless spray pack series so the table nozzle support you to choose airless application correctly.

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Other Related Accessories

Enhance the Performance of Spray

Extension nozzle, speed shield for spray pattern protecting and etc.

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Material Container

For using with suitable material

Material container separate into 2 types. First, the material container 5 liter for diaphragm pump which is used for 2 components material and quick dry such as epoxy or PU foam for grouting work. Second, large material for spray application in order to increase time length of spraying and special container for heat material.


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Fluid Path way accessories

There have high pressure hose for since ordinary paint until extremely high viscosity material and also have high pressure hose for 2K airless spray.


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Air-Mix Application

Alternative Solution of Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm Spray Pack can use with air coat application. The air coat spray gun and compressor are available for diaphragm pump.

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Quotation and Order

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Airless Application for Architectural Coating

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