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Enhancing painting performance accessories


Extension Nozzle (Less than 1M version)

Extension nozzle which import to distribute in Thailand are following as below;

  • Extension Nozzle 30 cm

  • Extension Nozzle 45 cm

  • Extension Nozzle 60 cm

Extension Nozzle

(Less than 1 m)


Extension Nozzle (More than 1M version)

In case the work piece is too high but you don't need to take ladder. This item may be your alternative choice to apply it.

  • Length 1M (0096015)

  • Length 2M (0096016)

  • Length 3M (0096017)

Extension Nozzle

(More than 1 m)


Pole Gun (Long Range Airless High Pressure Spray)

For spray length which more than 120 cm. There have following type on below;

  • Length 120 cm (F-Thread): 0296443

  • Length 120 cm (G-Thread): 0296441

  • Length 200 cm (F-Thread): 0296444

  • Length 200 cm (G-Thread): 0296442

Pole Gun


Speed Shield

Speed Shield (Protecting Spray Pattern)

If you have problem about spray on corner of surface, ceiling and ground, spray pattern may attach on corner point that you don't need to spray on it and may make your work more difficult.

Speed shield is installed with nozzle section and protect the spray atomizing to avoid the attaching on other surface area.


Inline Roller

For job that require the roller to make surface coating. This is the alternative equipment for contractor who need replace spray gun by roller. The material paint will be delivered directly from pump to roller.

Inline Roller

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Airless Spray Gun for Architectural Coating


Piston Pump Airless Spray Pack

2399198_SuperFinish23 Pro_ceiling.jpg

Diaphragm Airless Spray Pack

Accessories Head.png

Piston Pump airless spray pack for 2K material

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