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High Pressure Fluid passage accessories


Standard High pressure hose

High-pressure hose for spraying consist length which starts from 15m until to longest 30m. There have 4 diameter are following below;

  • DN6 Max. 270 Bar Connector Size: M16 x 1.5

  • DN6 Max. 270 Bar Connector Size: 1/4"

  • DN6 Max. 270 Bar Connector Size: NPSM 3/8"

  • DN6 Max. 270 Bar Connector Size: NPS 1/2"

  • DN6 Max. 270 Bar Connector Size: 3/4"

Standard High Pressure Hose


High pressure hose for 530 Bar


Speical high pressure hose for PROTEC GM1 and airless spray gun which is available for 530 bar pressure. There have only 10M and 15M version. Please see specification in below;

  • DN 6 Connector Size 1/4" 530 Bar (Polyamide)

  • DN 6 Connector Size 3/8" 530 Bar (Polyamide)

Special High pressure hose


Hose Reel

For keeping high pressure hose at site to be more neat and make operating more convenience. This is the alternative choice for contractor.


Hose reels on spray pack unit

Hose Reels

Link for related information to high pressure fluid passage accessories


Airless Spray Gun for Architectural Coating


Piston Pump Airless Spray Pack

2399198_SuperFinish23 Pro_ceiling.jpg

Diaphragm Airless Spray Pack

Accessories Head.png

Piston Pump airless spray pack for 2K material

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