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Automatic High Pressure Airless Spray Gun

Provide spraying quickly and stability performance


Currently, the heavy industry need the spraying device for high viscosity material spraying for large volume of workpiece. Especially for roof tile industry, metal and building part which is produced from factory.

To ensure that the coating quality is equally for every workpiece, painting quickly and prove a lot of productivity. It is required to use automatic airless spray gun. 

When air pressure related to airless spray


As there is no trigger to swich on/off for spray gun, only control air pressure which open or close the piston in spray gun for operating but the paint spraying still without air atomize same as manual type. 

Strong Performance


All wetted parts are made of stainless steel. This ensures a long service life and high corrosion resistance of the gun.



The precise switching accuracy of the gun enables coating results that can be reproduced at any time, thus ensuring high process reliability.

Flexible applications


With the WAGNER airless guns materials with high viscosity can be processed.

Example of installation for automatic airless spray gun

Airless Booth Structure.png

Device Position in Booth

Control Cabinet
B: Conveyer
C: Object
D: Spraying Booth
E: Movement device system
F: Paint supply system
G: Part identification
H: Automatic Airless Spray Gun
I: Gasper air system & exhaust air system

Technical Data of Automatic Airless Spray Gun




The standard type of automatic airless spray gun which can handle many type of processable material by applying with pressure not more than 400 bar so it is the priority choice for heavy industry. In case of using with Profitip, it require to install the tip guard before insert the nozzle while the WAGNER standard tip can insert immediately.


Pilot WA21


The special type of automatic airless spray gun for minature spraying. Limit the max material pressure at 120 Bar and apply with nozzle WAGNER Standard tip only. It is neccessary to consider carefully the specification before purchase because this device is spraying under limit of max. pressure.

Technical Data of Airless Nozzle

Profitip Nozzle.jpg

WAGNER Profitip


Standard airless nozzle for industry application which has robust material wet-part and provide the consistent of spray pattern and long-life service. It is available both manual spray gun and automatic spray gun for every airless spray gun type from WAGNER

Please see the information of nozzle size and code identification by clicking below link

Standard Tip.jpg

WAGNER Standard Tip


This nozzle is not include the direction guard in set. Especially, it is suitable for automatic airless spray gun for installation and application with robot to avoid the obstrac the movement of robot. This nozzle is applicable for WAGNER GA400AL and Walther Pilot WA21 (For minature spray).

Please see the information of nozzle size and code identification by clicking below link

Accessories of Automatic Airless Spray Gun

Red Gun Filter.jpg

Accessories of Airless Spray Gun

The gun filter and extension nozzle is the alternative solution for consideration. Especially the gun filter, the automatic system prefer to use filter device at feeding unit. This accessories may not need to use in automatic system but it can be considered to use for each working site.


High Pressure Hose


High Pressure Hose for 250 Bar which has many hose length and diameter for each viscosity level.

Feeding Pump for Airless Manual Spray Gun


High Pressure Piston Pump


High Pressure Diaphragm Pump

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