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Manual Airless Spray Gun
For Extremely High Viscosity Material



WAGNERThe highest performance of WAGNER Airless Manual Spray Gun


As the material of gun body can be applied with pressure level up to 530 Bar. There is no equivalent spray gun to Protec GM-1 which is built for Protec Feeding unit set and 2K Protec series for construction work and industry work such as shipyard, large truck and liquid tank. Every workpiece for this spray gun need to be coated by protectoral corrosion material.

Processable Material for Protec GM-1


High performance of protectoral corrosion material. Especially, special industry such as shipbuilding industry or liquid chemical silo which determine the special paint material specification by following as below;

  • Maximum Level of rust protection paint.

  • Anti Bacteria Paint for ship such as Coaltar paint for hull.

  • Maximum level of UV Protection Coating for building.

  • Paint material for liquid chemical silo such as oil tank in order to be kept as intensive monitor

Some of working site may use normal high viscosity paint material but the operation is continuous without stop and finish urgently project within time limit. Protec GM-1 may be the choice for overload spraying work. The other series may be depreciable quickly than normal use but Protect GM-1 can handle this.

The suitable feeding unit for Protec GM-1


The most suitable feeding unit for Protec GM-1 are Protec series and 2K Protec series in order to make Protec GM-1 be operated with full performance. Normally, the protec feeding unit completed set, Protec GM-1 will be included in completed set.

The suitable airless nozzle for Protec GM-1


Tradetip 3 and Profitip is sufficient for Protec GM-1 but there have specific nozzle which is Protec tip is built for Protec GM-1

Structure of Protec GM-1

Protec GM-1 Structure.png

Component of Protec GM-1

A: Preload Nut

B: Trigger locking device

C: Paint Connection with swivel joint

D: Trigger

E: Nozzle Holder

F: Nozzle (Profitip or Protec Tip)

G: Gun Housing

H: Trigger Guard

Technical Data WAGNER PROTEC GM-1

PROTEC GM-1 สเปค อิง.png



Normally, user except the gun filter because the protec feeding unit has high pressure filter device which is installed on feeding unit. The paint material is high viscosity and large density so the gun filter is not sufficient for using with this material.

Compatible Feeding Unit Piston Pump


  • Protec Piston Pump

  • Protec 2K Piston Pump

Nozzle Type for PROTEC GM1

  • Tradetip 3 (Standard Type of HP nozzle for contractor division)

  • Profitip (Standard Tip for industry division which provide useful life longer than tradetip 3)

  • Protec Tip (Nozzle for Protec GM1)

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