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New Airless Nozzle for reduce material usage from WAGNER


Newest airless nozzle which is included in Hero 23 set and can be applicable with all WAGNER airless spray gun. By HEA Technology (High efficiency Airless) which are following advantages on below


  • it support to reduce the overspray rate more than 55% which make achieve coverage surface.

  • The gently feathered jet spray ensures better coverage and guarantees an easy-to-control technique with "success guaranteed".

  • Spray efficiency start from 100 bar (Ideal at 80 - 140 Bar) that it make reduce material usage more than old model because spray at low pressure.

  • This nozzle will be damage slowly and use longer than old version. The wet part is made from stainless material.

10er Filtersets.jpg

Using Airless Nozzle with Gun Filter

TradeTip 3 will be matched with gun filter by using nozzle no. which present the bore size and angel of spray pattern to match suitability with gun filter. 

Airless Spray Gun Filter

Gun filter for sieving dust or sediment material before through out to nozzle. Separate by mesh level in order to follow the density of material paint (Red 180 mesh Yellow 100 mesh White 50 mesh and Green 30 mesh)

10er Filtersets_rot.jpg

Red Filter

180 Mesh

10er Filtersets_gelb.jpg

Yellow Filter

100 Mesh


White Filter

50 Mesh


Green Filter

30 Mesh

HEA Trade Tip.png

Comparative HEA TIP nozzle and Other Nozzle

Spray Mark from HEA TIP

Spray Mark from other nozzle

HEA TIP Technology

Technology from other nozzle

Paint Surface

Paint Surface

HEA TIP Structure

HEA 517.png

Position 1 Spray Angel

Identify the spray angel for this nozzle. For example, 5 is 50 degree.

Reading of Nozzle No.

Nozzle No.: Diameter size such as No. 7 it's mean 0.007"

Degree No.:  Degree of spray pattern

If you choose 107, it's mean that nozzle size 0.007" and spray pattern degree at 10.

Position 2 Bore Size

The bore size will be identify as “inch”. For example, No. 17 is 0.017 inch (or 0.43 mm)

Arrow for spray direction

This is the arrow for spray direction. The arrow will direct to gun header in order to make proper spray pattern. Except, when you need to clean clogged material on nozzle. Turn arrow in opposite way to spray clogged material out from nozzle.

HEA TIP Chart Table

- Please click "More Details" for chart table

Link of Related Information for HEA TIP

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