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ProSpray 3.39

The Smallest Piston Pump for Extremely High Viscosity Material and Skim Coat

ProSpray 3.39 Structure


1. No paint blockages

The high-pressure filter can be accessed and cleaned quickly and easily. Three different filter pads (fine, medium, coarse) are available to meet the precise demands of the material.

2. Optimized ergonomics

With a 120o angle and weight of 780 g, the AG-19 is perfectly suited for high-viscosity materials.

3. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Self-adjusting packings reduce wear and are easy to change. They have an up to 50% longer service life compared to current packings.

4. Low inlet valve

Improves suction capacity for high viscosity materials.

5. Tilting Cart

For high-speed container changes. Wheels designed to cope with building site use ensure easy transport.

6. Digi-Trac-Control

With the digital display you can read out and handle machine data, consumption figures, runtimes and much more. The intelligent screen control, simply function and frequent clean guarantee trouble-free work and quick cleaning.

7. Maintenance-free, brushless direct current motor

For high operating efficiency at low and high speeds. The continuous monitoring of the paint pressure automatically regulates the motor speed and ensures constant material pressure.

Operating of ProSpray 3.39

Apply with high viscosity material

  • More power: greater suction performance thanks to the low position of the inlet valve

  • The highest performance unit in the ProSpray series: ideal for airless spraying fillers and the starter unit for skim coat

  • Innovative ProSpray product features: tilting cart, paint changes without using tools.

Equipment and Accessories with PS 3.39

  • Basic unit ProSpray 3.39

  • High-pressure hose DN13; max. 250 Bar; NPSM 1/2” 15M

  • High-pressure hose whip DN10; max 250 Bar; NPSM 3/8” 2.5M

  • Airless Gun AG 19: 250 Bar; F-Thread 1/4”

  • Order Code 2308264

Technical Data of ProSpray 3.39
PS 3.39 สเปค อิง.png

PS 3.39 at Site

Accessories with ProSpray 3.39



Spray gun for filler and high viscosity mat.

Product Summary:

To avoid the clogging in nozzle, unable to spray when apply with high viscosity or perform in skim coating project. AG-19 is the large airless spray gun which is built for extremely high viscosity material without trouble. Especially, you can bring to use with skim coating. This is the best choice spray gun and be included in PS 3.39 spray pack set and heavy coat spray pack set.

For technical data and further information. Please see in below link (by click "More Details")



Standard Nozzle for Airless Spray Gun

Product Summary:

Due the Tradetip 3 nozzle has the various size for dynamic application and cover for smallest unit to largest unit like WAGNER 2K Protec. Therefore, it can be used with AG-19 spray gun which is included in PS 3.39 and Heavy Coat spray pack set without trouble.

For technical data and further information. Please see in below link (by click "More Details")


High Pressure Hose

Fluid hose for airless application

Product Summary:

The airless hose for PS 3.39 and Heavy Coat is bigger than the ordinary size so please remark that the hose which is included in piston pump spray pack must be hose size at least 13mm and available for 250 bar. If the size is smaller, it will be the normal hose for normal viscosity. It can not be applied with extremely high viscosity and skim coat. However, you can see another size if you use with AG-14 spray gun.

For technical data and further information. Please see in below link (by click "More Details")

Accessories with PS 3.39

To enhance the spraying performance and other solution for contractor

AG-14 Spray Gun

If you use PS 3.39 or Heavy Coat to spray with material which has viscosity lower than requirement. AG-14 is enable to apply with large piston pump unit. No need to use large spray gun.

You can see more information in below link ("More Details")

Enhance Spraying Performance

Extension nozzle, speed shield for spray pattern protecting and etc. You may found the enhance accessories in this below link


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