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Plast Coat HP 30

Designed for Skim Coating Project


The best of both technologies combined between airless spray and rotor pump

Based on decades of experience with airless and rotor-stator pump technology, WAGNER is now bringing together the advantages of both technologies in an innovative, high-pressure spiral pump, creating the ideal tool for the processing of high-viscosity materials. Then it is intended to be used for skim coat project.

Plast Coat HP 30 Set

PlastCoat HP30 convinces with its robust and reliable pump and the comfort and control of airless technology. Thanks to a simple switch-over to the dispersion set featuring HEA technology, both high-viscosity materials and dispersion paints can be applied with excellent surface quality.

HP 30 operating with full package

Electric Motor.png

Electric power

(connect directly to unit)


spray with airless gun


Mortar Bag

(Pour on unit)

Feature of Plast Coat HP 30

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1. Easy to handle


The user-friendly operating concept for regulating the rotor and stator allows problem-free use - even for beginners.

2. High operating comfort


The ergonomic airless gun AG19 and the high-pressure hose including hose whip are perfectly designed for working with high-viscosity materials and guarantee easy hose handling as well as excellent comfort during use.

3. Reliable and proven technology


Spiral pumps are robust and easy to use. The airless spraying technology also means that high-quality surfaces and fast working speeds can be achieved.

4. Fast Cleaning


The straightforward stator assembly allows rapid dismantling and reassembly of the pump for easy cleaning and maintenance directly on site. The material-carrying parts are also made from especially easy to clean materials.

5. Long Lifetime


The valve-free spiral pump impresses thanks to its low wear and easy maintenance.

6. Easy to move


With compact dimensions and large pneumatic tyres, the PlastCoat HP 30 can easily be moved around the site and quickly stowed in a vehicle.

7. Versatile operation


The spiral pump can be easily switched to dispersion applications thanks to HEA (High efficient airless technology)

8. Press table


Our handy helper for the fast processing of bagged goods is available separately as an accessory. Item code 2389048

Technical Data of Plast Coat HP 30

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Skim Coat Video 2.jpg

HP 30 Structure


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