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Nozzle for Airless Spray Gun

The indicator of airless spray performance

Not only airless pump unit and airless spray gun which are chosen to be match with application, nozzle is significant equipment for choosing because it is related directly to material and gun filter. Even though airless spray gun is perfect performance, it will be nothing if select the wrong size of nozzle. Selecting wrong nozzle size will impact to equipment into 2 case. Firstly, if select lower than requirement, material can not be sprayed out and cogged in nozzle then be damaged. Secondly, choose the over size nozzle will consumed material too much.

In addition, the size of workpiece must be considered too. Even the nozzle size is matched but the angle may not be matched. If angle is wide too much, material will be spray out too much without attaching surface or select the angle low which is too narrow, it waste a lot of spraying time.

For airless nozzle of architectural coating application have 2 types. New model HEA TIP provide more material saving or using with ordinary paint and standard nozzle for TRADETIP 3 for high viscosity material.

No better spray nozzles It depends whether the choice is most suitable for the job or the best value for each contractor.



For Material Saving Purpose

Product Summary:

New generation of airless nozzle which is included in super finish hero 23 set. The advantage that it support the high pressure spray pattern under 100 - 150 bar has more efficient and save a material consuming more than ordinary airless nozzle.

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Standard Nozzle for Airless Spray Gun

Product Summary:

Even the nozzle size lower than 0.021" is replaced by HEA TIP but TRADETIP 3 is still significant role for airless application. Especially, high viscosity material application which need to use 0.023" or higher and available for 2K material and some contractor still need TRADETIP 3 for nozzle lower than 0.021" which depend on their application.

For technical data and further information, please see in below link 

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