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Airless High Pressure Spray Pack

For interior and exterior building

The arrival of diaphragm pump and new role piston pump for architectural coating

In the past, WAGNER has both diaphragm and piston pump but both of pump can perform the same application. Even the piston pump, there have too many models with the similar specification which make customer and distributor to be confused when identify the differentiate of product.

But then the appearing of Diaphragm Unit Hero 23. The product group arrangement have been changed. With the small diaphragm pump can be applied both small to medium project size (With nozzle not more than size 0.025 inch). It's mean the application is more variety and impact to product structure of architectural coating group.

For the series of Prospray and heavy coat. ROM decide to re-classified both series to be the piston pump for extremely high viscosity material and also apply to use with skim coat application. This is the first time which separate between diaphragm pump and piston pump with clearly purpose without override each other. The different advantage for both type can respond the demand of contractor.

However, we also add the new group for 2K piston pump which it can be applied to use with 2K material that the normal spray pack can not be applied. All those of product respond all requirement of contractor are following as below;

1. To support the material cost-saving with airless atomizing which make atomizing cloud to be low as it is sprayed by pressured only.

2. Simply using and save operating time in significant value

3. Reduce manpower because this equipment is simply using and can handle coating job instead manpower at least 8 persons for 1 unit.

4. The product structure of airless spray pack must be available for every type of application so this is why there must have 2K protec piston pump.

Interior Building Coating

You can see the basic of airless spray in below link

Diaphragm PuMP 

For Ordinary Material paint such as acrylic, plastic, water-based and solvent-based with the starter unit Hero 23 which can handle for small to medium project size and also has SF 33 Plus which is available for large project for your consideration

For contractor who obtain coating project for residential area, commercial building. This is the suitable equipment which is efficient both price and long-term use.

Please click "More Details" on below link for further information

Piston PuMP 

Suggestion: For extremely high viscosity

In order to provide the most suitable spray pack for extremely high viscosity to customer. WAGNER piston pump unit are separated to compatible with high viscosity material. The spray pack is high robust and compatible with high viscosity material without problem. It also apply with skim coating.

Even though the maintenance service is difficult than diaphragm pump but it is efficient that refer to performance and provide various type that contractor can consider to choose the most suitable product.

Please click "More Details" on below link for further information

2K Piston PuMP 

Suggestion: It is suitable for 2K High Viscosity Material and handle continuously for coating job more than 10 hours.

2K Material for oil tank, tunnel, port and etc. The ordinary airless spray pack can not handle 2K material and if contractor face the requirement of time limit so they must work continuously without stop more than 15 hours. Therefore 2K Protec spray pack can be handle for this job. This is the pneumatic spray pack that is driven by air pressure only without electricity. Both spray gun and pump are made speciality for 2K material and compressor is required. 2K Protec provide the 2K mixing device in unit.

Please click "More Details" on below link for further information


Information for all type of airless spray gun since standard type for ordinary material to 2K material type or skim coat project which include the deep details of specification.

In addition, we also provide the airless nozzle data together with airless nozzle table which support contractor to choose the most suitable nozzle for their application. And also present about other accessories such as hose, extension nozzle and speed shield for protecting the spray pattern in order to paint in conner of wall or ceiling.

Please click "More Details" on below link for further information

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