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(Industry Section)


Industry application include both of mass production and job order project which performed in internal workshop and the operating period may take many hours.

The different airless spray gun operating between industry section and contractor section.

 Manual Airless Spray gun from WAGNER is the same series whether using with pneumatic pump in industry or electric motor in construction site.

But the presentation must be different and separated totally even the basic of spray gun operating is the same. The accessories might different which depend on purpose of operation are following as below;

  • The quantity of spray volume and workpiece  is huge amount and the dimension also be quite similar in each operating round so the quality of spraying must be same equally.

  • As the operating time is longer than general application in construction site (except using the protec coating set), there have various type of nozzle which is more robust and provide consistency of performance throughout the operating time.

  • To avoid the confusion of spray gun for architectural coating section, VECTOR PRO, AG-14 and PROTEC GM-1 will be presented separately based on viewpoint of industry application.

Basic operating of manual airless spray gun and installation

Airless Spraying is the one of many method for solving of wasting material and reduce the too much spray flow. The work piece is less complex dimension such as tile, metal plate or large workpiece which is not required the huge atomizing flow to coat the surface. This spraying require the pressure level more than 100 bar in order to spray out the material. Therefore, the paint is sprayed out with high pressure flow and has a few atomizing level. Importantly, there is no air bubble or air flow include in paint which is on workpiece surface.

And more importantly, this spraying method is suitable for spraying with high quantity of material paint. Industry application use a huge quantity of material so the airless spray is applicable for this application and provide the quantity saving and return the efficiency of material consuming. The spare part is less complex in order to make service maintenance easilty. However, the structure of using with pneumatic pump are following as below;

Manual Airless Spray Gun Structure.png

Structure of installation of manual airless spray gun with pneumatic pump

(Part 1)

A - Pneumatic Feeding Pump

B - Pressure air shut-off valve

C - Pressure Regulator

D - Grounding Cable

E - High-pressure material hose, electrically conductive.

Structure of installation of manual airless spray gun with pneumatic pump

(Part 2)

F - Airless Manual Spray Gun

G - High-Pressure Filter/Fluid pressure release

H - Return line

I - Pump mounting trolley

J - Suction System

K - Compressed air main

G Position  High Pressure Filter: This item is regular for industry application because the quality of material must be the same equally throughout the process of spraying. Some of working site ignore the gun filter because they install the high pressure filter on pump already because the performance of material filter is higher and ready to spray. In addition, the period of high pressure filter is longer than gun filter so they spend a time of filter replacing shorter significantly than gun filter replacing.

Manual Airless Spray Gun by Operating Nature


Airless Manual Spray Gun for Normal Paint

Compatible for normal high viscosity paint for workpiece such as automotive part, tile, less complex dimension of machine component, barrel (Both new and old) and water tank. The workpiece in each unit may have similar dimension and be produced for a lot of quantity.

Manual Airless Spray Gun has 2 type. The starter level is VECTOR PRO which can be applied with various material and large type which is AG-14. This spray gun intend to use high viscosity material which Vector Pro can not be used and provide more flow rate of spray gun.

PIC_APP_GM1 - 006.jpg

Manual Airless Spray Gun for Extremely High Viscosity Material

The extremely high viscosity material can not be sprayed by normal airless spray gun because the vicosity level is over recommend level and the feeding pump must has flow rate performance at 150 CC per 1 Double Stroke which is PROTEC feeding piston pump series so there have only manual spray gun for this material which is Protec GM-1 that it is built by special wetted part and be available for this material.

List of WAGNER Airless Nozzle

The airless nozzle which is used for industry application concern about the consistent of spray pattern and coating performance throughout the operating period. Therefore, the profitip nozzle is the standard nozzle for industry application by providing the consistent spray performance and robust material. Every airless nozzle from WAGNER can be used with airless spray gun both manual type and automatic type.

Remark: In case of airless nozzle for contractor application Tradetip 3 and HEA Tip

Both of 2 nozzles is presented and operated for contractor application purpose but many of industry applicator decide to choose Tradetip 3 and HEA Tip for using in their production line. However, these 2 nozzle type is not built for industry application in order to use with large production quantity and long-time operating that's why there have Profitip for this kind of application. In other hand, the choosing nozzle requirement is depended on operating work-site because in each site has different condition. In conclusion, every airless nozzle type is important equally based on each application.

Profitip Nozzle.jpg

WAGNER Profitip


Standard airless nozzle for industry application which has robust material wet-part and provide the consistent of spray pattern and long-life service. It is available both manual spray gun and automatic spray gun for every airless spray gun type from WAGNER

Please see the information of nozzle size and code identification by clicking below link

Protec Tip.jpg

WAGNER Protec Tip


Special Airless nozzle for extremely high viscosity which has the max level of viscosity and must be used with Protec GM1 airless spray gun and Protec Piston Pump series as it is the equipment for heavily viscosity material. The normal airless nozzle may be dreciated quickly and damaged. Protec tip is built for this kind of material.

Please see the information of nozzle size and code identification by clicking below link

Standard Tip.jpg

WAGNER Standard Tip


This nozzle is not include the direction guard in set. Especially, it is suitable for automatic airless spray gun for installation and application with robot to avoid the obstrac the movement of robot. This nozzle is applicable for WAGNER GA400AL and Walther Pilot WA21 (For minature spray).

Please see the information of nozzle size and code identification by clicking below link

HEA Tradetip.png

Tradetip 3 and HEA Tip


The airless nozzle for contractor application but it can be used for industry application. Tradetip 3 is the standard nozzle for normal paint and HEA Tip is the low pressure airless spray but provide more surface coating quality. This is the alternative choice for industry application and compatible both manual spray gun and automatic spray gun.

Please see the information of nozzle size and code identification by clicking below link

Accessories with Manual Airless Spray Gun


Other Accessories with Airless Spray Gun

Include the gun filter for airless spray gun for normal type and Protec GM-1 Type and other accessories such as extension nozzle and etc.


High Pressure Hose


High Pressure Hose for 250 Bar which has many hose length and diameter for each viscosity level.

Feeding Pump for Airless Manual Spray Gun


High Pressure Piston Pump


High Pressure Diaphragm Pump

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