Airless Spray Gun for Heavy Duty

This is the airless spray gun which use with extreme viscosity level as spray gun as spray. Available for pressure at maximum 530 Bar. Suitable for large spraying work. For example, bridge, giant machine, large pipe gas, tunnel and also operate more than 15 hours onward. It is necessary to use with pneumatic feeding pump which is enable to use many hours.

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PROTEC GM1 Structure

Nozzle for Airless Spray Gun

In case spraying for architectural coating, you may use the tradetip 3 standard nozzle (yellow). But if you use in factory or large size of machine, you may use profitip 3 (black) following below picture.


TIP Guard

Protect the finger of contractor to avoid the high pressure spray pattern


4 fingers version only for max. 530 bar.

Robust Internal Structure

Every wear part in this packing is suitable for heavy duty work.


The position of gun filter.

Trigger Guard

In case spray gun fall accidentally down on ground while it is spraying trigger, trigger guard protect trigger to avoid touching with ground and spray out to inappropriate area.

Special Accessories for PROTEC GM1

Gun Filter for Protec GM1

Due it is used with 2K material for architectural coating, the gun filter must be special type for this material.

Special Hose for Protec GM1

It is built for Protec GM1 which is the fitting is suitable for this spray gun.

Feature of PROTEC GM1

Coating Operating more than 15 hours

Pneumatic pump can use longer than electric motor pump and gasoline pump for heavy duty work. Therefore it must have airless spray gun which is compatible to use with this pump.

Protec GM1 airless spray gun is designed for extreme viscosity and spray continuously any break more than 15 hours. Some architectural coating work has time limit and require using high viscosity material. For example, bridge, large gas pipe, building structure and etc. Using high pressure pneumatic pump together with this airless spray gun are the best option.

Technical Data of PROTEC GM1

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