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For high viscosity in general level

If you have coating project which need to use material that it lower than minimum requirement of AG-19, we suggest you prefer to use AG-14 which is more suitable because the delivery rate is lower and more saving than AG-19 and it is suitable for smaller project. However, we strongly recommend to do not use with filler and skim coat project.


AG-14 Structure

Nozzle for Airless Spray gun

Due it is used with high viscosity, we suggest to use with TRADETIP 3 with nozzle size more than 0.023" for this spray gun.

TIP Guard

Protect the finger of contractor to avoid the high pressure spray pattern


Available for both 2 fingers and 4 fingers version

Trigger Guard

In case spray gun fall accidentally down on ground while it is spraying trigger, trigger guard protect trigger to avoid touching with ground and spray out to inappropriate area.

Airless Gun_AG 14_mSchatten.jpg

Large Fluid path

VECTOR PRO Fluid passage way is bigger in order to use with high viscosity material and provide capacity flow more than VECTOR PRO

Standard Grip

Addict grip rubber to support the handle when use with high viscosity material and more pressure.

Feature AG-14

HC 950 E_au en_Dachuntersicht_Korrosions

  • Middle Size Airless Spray gun for maximum pressure 270 bar

  • For using with high viscosity material such as ceramic coating, heat protection and rust protection.

  • Compatible with large piston pump such as PS 3.39 HC750 and HC950

  • Cleaning and Maintenance are simpler than AG-19 and PROTEC GM1 so it is the solution for contractor who find the down scale from large airless spray gun to middle size airless spray gun for efficiency using.

Technical Data of AG-14

Airless Gun_AG 14_mSchatten.jpg
AG-14 สเปค อิง.png

Link of Related Information for AG-14


Nozzle for Airless Spray Gun


High Pressure Paint Hose

Enhancing Spray Performance Accessories

HC 950_970_Dachbeschichtung_hart.jpg

Piston Airless Spray Pack for Extremely High Viscosity Material


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