ANEST IWATA Fluid Agitator AMM Series



MAZECO Agitator Series

Agitator with high performance air motor


ANEST IWATA's agitators of the Mazeco Series, which employ a radial piston air motor, have the following features when compared to the conventional vane air motors.

  • The motor can rotate at low speeds without a reducer.

  • Since the motor does not have a reducer, its structure is simple (consumable parts are fewer).

  • The rotation speed rarely changes (speed is stable).

  • Air consumption is reduced significantly (huge energy savings).

The medium-size air motor AM-6B or small-size air motor AM-7B may be selected as appropriate for the paint to be agitated and the facilities to be used.

ANEST IWATA's radial piston air motors all use industrial Vaseline as a lubricant. Since exhaust air contains no extra oil mist, they help improve the coating environment.

Feature of Mazeco

1. Newly designed of agitating blades


The AMM-7 Series offers the newly designed three-blade agitator (made of plastics) with the best agitation performance (agitation power and agitating flow) as a standard component.

However, the newly designed blades cannot be attached to the conventional agitators or AMM-6 Series agitators.

2. Difference in agitating flow direction (AMM-7 Series)


The conventional agitator will rotate follow clockwise that it make paint on top of surface be convex because the paint flow will be drain up from center area and up to the top and separate into size way like figure 1. The clockwise rotation support to drain up paint from center area but it remain the paint on corner area.

In other hand, the counter clockwise rotation in figure 2 will make paint flow vertex from flank area to center area that the paint surface on top will be concave down to bottom. This rotation method support to drain paint up from bottom corner into suction tube and reduce the paint remain in significant amount.

Figure 1 Clockwise Rotation

Figure 2 Counter Clockwise rotation

3. Difference in agitation due to rotation speed


Agitator has an optimal rate of round speed for suitable using. Please see the example on below;

Too Slow

Less than 100 RPM

Optimal Speed

150 - 250 RPM

Too Fast

More than 300 RPM

No flows at corner

Paint flows just surface around agitator shaft

Whole paint surface flow roughly

Over 30mm height vortex is created and it causes bubble sucking

Whole paint surface flows slowly

10 to 20 mm height vortex is crated at agitator shaft



Technical Data of Medium Size Agitator AM-6 Series





Technical Data of Small Size Agitator AM-7 Series








Technical Data of Air Motor

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