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ANEST IWATA Automatic Air Spray Gun



Automatic Spray Gun from ANEST IWATA

Spray guns for line production in factory which is designed in automatic type and compatible with reciprocators or robot.

There are following 4 types of automatic air spray gun are following as below;

1. General Industry Automatic Spray Gun

2. Low Pressure Type Spray Gun

3. Special Purpose Type Spray Gun

4. Mounted Robot Version

System Structure of Automatic Air Spray Gun

Air Transformer

Atomizing Air

CAP Marked


Control air

CYL Marked

Fluid Nipple

3 ways solenoid valve

Air Transformer

Air Compressor

Paint Tank

Air Flow

Diaphragm Pump

Paint Flow

WA-101-200 Cover.png

Automatic Air Spray Gun for General Industry

Product Summary

The standard automatic air spray gun. It consist spray gun such as  SGA-101 for release agent, WA-101 the compact size and WA-200 the large size for high volume spray.

LPA-200 Cover.png

Low Pressure Auto Spray Gun

Product Summary

This automatic air spray gun use low pressure spray method which support to spray with a lot of quantity workpiece and reduce material consumption rate. LPA-101 is compact size and LPA-200 is large size.

TOF Cover.jpg

Automatic Spray Gun for mounting with machine

Product Summary

automatic air spray gun which has a same feature with WA series but the different point is the designation will be made for mounting with machine. The installment is comfortable by applying with various type of adaptor.

WRA Cover.png

Mounted Robot Version

Product Summary

It is designed to applicate with robot as the weight is less than other type that robot can carry the movement weight while spray through out working period. WRA-101 is compact size, WRA-200 is large size and LRA-200 is low pressure version.


Product Summary

Newest model of Automatic Spray Gun mounted robot version which provide more type of nozzle and provide more performance of surface coating better than old model and available for circulation system. The body will be available for aluminium and stainless that customer can select by their demand. However, both of type provide the nozzle and needle with stainless material.

 Mounted Robot Version WRA Series

Auto Special Cover.png

Specific Purpose Auto Spray Gun

Product Summary

Designed for specific purpose application such as WA-0609 extension nozzle for internal pipe surface,WA-200ZP spray gun for ceramic coating and WA-101R which prove round pattern spray for mini scale work.


Automatic Spray Gun for Marking and Small area coating

Product Summary

The automatic spray gun which be built for marking and small painting purpose and buit to order only. The feature is the gun body can be applied with various adaptor and available to apply with feeding pump and PLC system for each factory without problem.

Screen Shot 2563-08-24 at 16.13.24.png

Product Summary

Automatic Robot from ANEST IWATA which be built for automatic spray gun to make surface coating quality to be perfect with quick operation and reduce surface coating period without error.


SWAN robot require the accessories which is built for SWAN robot only such as spray gun, feeding unit and control panel. It is not compatible with another accessories.

Automatic Robot ANEST IWATA SWAN

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