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Automotive and Other vehicle Manual Spray Gun

In application of refinishing work or re-painting

The spray gun which has definition of "fit and perfect"

Auto Cover.png

Still being the behind of every finishing project by giving the extremely best item.

As the starting point since 2016, R.O.M. enter to automotive refinishing spray gun that we hope that we are the alternative choice of car refinishing spray gun and fulfil the product division of R.O.M. in order to have all kind of painting work. At that time, we have coating industry division both liquid and powder and also have architectural coating division which confirm that our every step "behind every finishing".

Currently, ANEST IWATA luanch the nw spray gun model as the primary automotive refinishing product which is Project KIWAMI (極み) in Japanese is mean "Extremely" that the new project develop a new spray gun based on the scope of higher performance and better worthiness. Make the confident for every customer in order to give the high quality equipment, making the best result and show the performance clearly more than previous model as according the meaning of "The extremely best". 


R.O.M. stand for "fit perfectly" which same similarly to the words "KIWAMI" or extremely best. It's mean giving the extremely best item and suitable for making the application to be perfect.

Message from developer of Project KIWAMI

KIWAMI Developer Pic.png

Our development of new models is driven by the way we care for our customers and for our products.

The key point when we create new models is “taking the customer’s point of view”, which is Anest Iwata’s management philosophy. At Anest Iwata, the people in charge of our marketing are former technical painters who have actually painted in real world applications. When they

visit customers, they identify issues and then address them in product development proposals that take the customer’s point of view into consideration.


Our work on the development team is to create new spray guns that embody these customer needs. In designing these new products, our development team went through many iterations of prototype fabrication and trials, tuning the product in many ways to deliver maximum painting performance.


The “New ‘kiwami” was finally completed by passing our stringent quality control standards. Throughout the process, our team was driven by the desire to deliver the

most advanced and highest performing products to our customers.

We wanted our design to honor our heritage but also highlight the evolution or our newest technologies.

The key concepts in our development of the “New ‘kiwami” series was that it should “Honor our heritage” and use “evolving technology.” We started our development work with the challenge of “making spray guns that embody two apparently contradictory concepts.” To put it another

way, we had to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers who have always loved using our existing designs. Then, we had to adapt to the considerable advances in coatings, adding the latest atomization technology.


It was our mission to achieve these two things. There has been a trend lately for consumer automobiles to come standard with very deep and beautiful colors. These can be a challenge to apply. There is a need for spray guns for such coatings that would

make application simple. Such coatings will likely continue to become more common. 

We will identify such trends in tastes regarding colors and go on strengthening our ties with paint manufacturers in order to produce ideal spray guns. We will also make efforts to improve quality to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Perhaps what we’re really looking for as spray gun developers is for our customers to say “I can only paint with Anest Iwata spray guns.”

KIWAMI Other Background.png

Overview of automotive refinishing spray gun according to intention of KIWAMI


Behind every finishing by giving the extremely best item

ANEST IWATA Spray gun which is  sold by R.O.M. Intertrade will be the KIWAMI model as the primary product because this model is developed the quality and performance higher than previous model. It is available for every sprayer that the performance is usable both solvent-based and water-based and also provide the special model for water-based as the optional item.


In order to let applicator consider the most suitable product for themselves, the presentation will be separated by application type following as below;

Primer Coat.jpeg

Primer Coat

Base Coat.jpg

Base Coat

Clear Coat.jpeg

Clear Coat

Spot Repair.jpeg

Spot Repair

The first 3 groups are primer coat, case coat and clear coat. It is possible that you will find the same spray gun in every group because the standard primary model provide the nozzle size which is available for 1.3 mm - 1.6 mm. The general practice for nozzle selection are following as below;

  • 1.3 mm nozzle Size is the general practice for base coat. The meaning that base color is the actual identification of surface color and special color such as metallic, pearl and other color which are base coat. Generally, the base coat does not need to spray the too much volume of paint. The 1.3 mm nozzle size is regular size for base coat that it can control the thickness to prevent the color is slipped out from surface. By the way, some coating does not require 1.3 mm for base coat. 1.4 mm can spray the base coat if the paint is high viscosity or water-based paint.

  • 1.4 mm nozzle Size is a general practice of clear coat which make a base coat color on surface to be clarity and making reflection. It is the final phase of coating. According the objective of clear coat, the nozzle require to be larger than base coat which can provide more sufficient paint quantities to make the reflection with full performance. Actually, some applicator use 1.3 mm for clear coat but the paint volume is less so the reflection might not be the same as 1.4 mm.

  • 1.6 mm nozzle size Actually, this nozzle is not a regular practice for primer coat same as base coat and clear coat because many of paint applicator use 1.5 mm nozzle from general industry spray to spray primer coat. In other hand, the 1.6 mm nozzle size is the best size for primer coat because the objective intend to make adjusting the surface status and make adhesion force before spray a base coat. The colorful quantity is not required but the equally thickness level on surface might make a better adhesion force for longer life time.

The spray gun for base coat and clear coat will be the same categories with 3 different types but the primer coat is separated to present in other categories because R.O.M. select the spray gun model "KIWAMI1 B-Sho" with 1.6 mm for primary primer coat spray gun. The other model with 1.6 mm nozzle size is the alternative choice for consideration.

Automotive Refinish new cover.png

Refinishing Spray Gun by type of coating application

The presentation will be separated into each of coating application type. It is possible that you will see the same model in every coating application both primer coat, base coat and clear coat. The spray gun under project "KIWAMI" is available for nozzle 1.3 mm - 1.6 mm that the applicator can consider and select the most suitable for themselves. Even the spray gun is the same model but the presentation will be different in each coating application topic. Especially, the case of nozzle size.

>>>>>> Please click "more details" to see further information of each coating application<<<<<<


Primer Coat Application Spray Gun

Objective of Primer Coat

The spraying application for adjusting and preparation of surface in order to make adhesion force before base coat phase. The material paint can protect the surface body to prevent the rust and corrosion in long term so the viscosity might be high and require the large volume of paint. The regular nozzle size is 1.6 mm.


Base Coat and Clear Coat Application Spray Gun

Objective of Base Coat


The paint which show the color identify of vehicle. For example, metallic paint, pearl and other special paint. The spray pattern must be width enough to coat a surface under nozzle size 1.3 mm. (Or 1.4 mm for water-based).

Objective of clear coat


The final phase of surface coating that it make the base coat to be clarity. The paint volume must be sufficient to make reflection. That's why 1.4 mm is recommend.

lPH-80 Cover.png

Spray Gun for Spot Repair Application

Sport Repair Application

The damage on surface is too small and normal spray gun can not make it so it require the small spray gun which spray precisely. The model LPH-50 (Side Cup version) and LPH-80 (Center Cup version for better atomization for spot repair.

Accessories for Automotive Refinishing Spray Gun

ANEST IWATA Maintenance Kit.jpg

Accessories for Refinishing Spray Gun

Maintenance Accessories

The significant item which is maintenance kit for general industry spray gun and refinishing spray gun for simply cleaning. With the standard tool in this kit. You can do the service maintenance without problem.

RPS Background 3.png

SATA RPS the Rapid Preparation System Plastic Cup

Special Paint Container

This is a paint cup for sprayer who require for perfection, promptness and precision because there have a paint parameter for mixing ratio and you can mix a paint within cup and ready to use or you can keep it and use later. The cup lid can avoid an air from outside to keep paint quality. However, sprayer require to purchase adapter G1/4 for first time purchase in order to install RPS cup on spray gun.

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