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Center Cup Air Spray Gun - W-400 Bellaria


W-400 Bell Aria Features


  • High quality Spray Gun

  • Perfect surfaces by new air cap: Technology Flat and Thin

  • Only 250/270 liter per min air consumption, giving the sprayer an excellent control of the build

  • Stable, large and compact pattern shape

  • VOC-compliant professional spray gun, significantly more than 65% transfer efficiency

  • Quiet and pleasant background noise

  • With 380g one of the most lightweights guns on the market

  • Easy maintenance.

Center Gravity Cup of W-400 Bellaria


Apply with PCG-6P-M 600 ml. The plastic cup with fluid nipple M16 x 1.5 (Female) weight 160 g

W-400 Bellaria

with plastic cup


Technical Data of W-400 Bellaria

Paint Cup for W-400 Bellaria

PCG-6P-M HD.jpg

Plastic Cup


Capacity (ml): 600

Weight (g): 160

Connector: M16 x 1.5 (Female)

Suitable Spray Gun

  • W-400

  • LPH-400

  • W-400WB

  • W-400 Bellaria


  • For Automotive Refinishing Spray Gun

  • For solvent-based and water-based (Depend on spray gun specification)


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