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ANEST IWATA Center Cup Air Spray Gun


The optional choice for use who seek the well-balanced spray gun


Gravity Cup will install on centre of spray gun in order to make left side and right side to be well balanced. User will get more comfortable while using this spray gun.

There have 2 types between fine spray (W) and low pressure (LPH)




  • Light industry

  • Automotive Refinish since touch up until top coat and spot repair.

  • Woodwork, metal, plastic and furniture

  • Medium clear and high viscosity.

  • Primer high viscosity


Center Cup Air Spray Gun Normal Pressure

Center Cup spray gun for automotive refinishing and general industry

Spray gun type: W-300, W-400

Center Cup Air Spray Gun for Water-Borne

This spray gun is designed for water-borne material by using the nozzle and air cap which is enable to use with water-borne paint which provide full performance. As the water-borne paint is dry slower than solvent-based paint, nozzle of this gun support to make droplet which are atomized from spray gun to be smaller and dry quickly.

Spray Gun Type: W-300WB, W-400WB

LPH Low Pressure Spray Gun Center Cup Type

LPH Spray gun which is regular to use in automotive refinishing work. The center cup provide the good balance while holding spray gun to use.

Spray Gun: LPH-80, LPH-300, LPH-400

Center Cup Spray Gun ANEST IWATA Bellaria

The special center cup spray gun. Bellaria is designed for automotive refinishing work only. The nozzle size are different from normal center cup spray gun.

Center Cup Spray Gun: W-400 Bellaria

Application: Primer Coat, Base Coat, Clear Coat

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