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ANEST IWATA Manual Air Spray Gun

Manual Air Spray Gun

The manual spray gun will be separated into 3 sub-group in order to make it be more understandable and helpful for selection. 

  1. Spray gun for General Application

  2. Special Design spray gun for enhancing of spray performance

  3. Purpose spray gun for special material that standard spray gun can not handle it.

The 1st sub-group is the most common regular spray gun and popular in many user so this type will be presented in main manual spray gun page immediately that visitor can see and select "more details" immediately. 2nd and 3rd subgroup are the special gun for some factory that have a special requirement for their application. 2nd will be designed to enhance the spray pattern to achieve the special requirement. 3rd is built for special material that 1st and 2nd can not handle it. So the last of 2 sub-group will be presented as the topic and the spray gun series will be showed behind the "more details" click.

For further information, please click "more details" which is positioned on the bottom right button.


The demonstration of ANEST IWATA

WIDER Cover.png


Product Summary

The old model W-101 and W-200 are out of production already and replaced by WIDER Series. The newest model which develop from previous generation to enhance performance and provide the better spraying result. WIDER 1 replace W-101 and WIDER 2 replace W-200

W-71 Cover Real.png

ANEST IWATA W-71 and W-77

Product Summary


The old fashion spray gun which return to production once again for user who used to use this spray gun series and would not to change spray gun even there have WIDER series for replacement already.


We would like to suggest the WIDER series as the first priority if you need to use W-71 and W-77 series. This series is built for user who don't need to change to use a new series.

WIDER-L Background.png


Product Summary

Low Pressure type which support to reduce material consumption, low atomizing flow which is suitable for large volume. It is available for pressure type, gravity type and suction type.

We suggest that this series is suitable for large volume material application and use in mass production that the product design is the same for all lot. The main-purpose that use a few pressure and to reduce material and reduce time.

WS-200 Banner 2.png

ANEST IWATA WS-200 for Automotive Factory

Product Summary

Lastest model of ANEST IWATA which is more regular in an automotive factory. With a split nozzle, a unique design which is different from an ordinary spray gun. Provide the best performance of spray pattern and better coverage surface area and more saving material cost.

WS-200 can be used with another factory so it is possible to use with other workpieces.

The nozzle is developed from automotive refinishing spray gun so the spray pattern and atomizing are the best performance of all spray gun type. Use a few air-pressure which reduce material and extent the useful life.

Center Cup Cover.png

ANEST IWATA Center Cup Gun

Product Summary

Center Cup spray gun provide the balance ergonomic handheld.  It is available for fine spray version, low pressure version and water borne version. It is applicable for automotive refinishing work and general industry.

For workpiece which require a high quality of work or use a few material but the material is metallic that it must be applied with center cup gun. This gun make a flow of metallic material to nozzle by gravity and the handle will be balance both 2 sides. Low fatigue than side cup gun.

lPH-80 Cover.png

Product Summary

Small size of spray gun for spot repair work and re-painting some point for decorative purpose in order to make workpiece to be more quality and perfect. Use with a standard spray gun or some material require this type of spray gun.

  • LPH-50 The starter small spray gun which has a lowest price and sufficient performance for this kind of work.

  • LPH-80 the advance performance of small spray gun. More quality of spray pattern and balance. The container will be the center cup.

ANEST IWATA for Spot Repair and Small Area

Special Spray Gun Cover.png

ANEST IWATA the special design for extent performance

Product Summary

The special design spray gun for enhancing of spray performance. The standard spray gun can not spray for some workpiece. The material chemical is the same as standard spray gun.

  • Extension nozzle spray gun for internal coating

  • Round pattern spray gun

  • Tangle Web Gun

  • Small Agitator Gun

You can see more information in below link.

Specific Manual Gun Cover.png

ANEST IWATA Spray Gun for Specific Purpose

Product Summary

The specific purpose spray gun which is built for special paint and chemical that the standard spray gun can not apply it because the specification is not enough for this kind of material so the spray gun will be made from specific material. Some series that the body may the same as standard series but the internal structure is different. The special material are following below;

  • Adhesive

  • Ceramic Paint

  • High Viscosity

  • Photocatalyst material

  • Release Agent

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