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Air Spray Gun with extension nozzle


For painting internal surfaces of pipes and other hard-to-reach places.

Make it be comfortable in order to create the high performance atomzing flow in blind spot area or difficult to reach surface. Extension nozzle is not only support reach to target but also provide the consistency of spraying performance.

LW-10B-0030 Extension Nozzle Spray Gun

Pressure Feed Cup PC-17R (Optional Item)

Cup container for feeding high viscosity material into spray gun. This is the optional accessories for painter who need to use with pressure feed cup.

Cup Capacity: 400 ml

Weight: 564 g

Fluid Nipple: G1/4 (PF1/4)

LW-18B-9015 Extension Nozzle Spray Gun

with pressure feed cup PC-17R

Table of LW-10B Specification

Table of LW-18B Specification


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