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ANEST IWATA Liquid Feeding Supply Unit



Pressure Tank PT Series

Pressure Tank for feeding liquid with pressure. It can be applied with manual spray gun and automatic spray gun. Made with high performance metal and also has inner container as accessory to extent the useful life. It is suitable for single color spray for whole project until finish. 


Stainless Pressure Tank COT


The enhanced level of pressure tank with full stainless body of pressure tank that it can not be rust for whole useful life. Available for water-based paint or water adhesive and etc. Not only standard series, there also has vessel type which can protect liquid in container prevent the reaction from outside and also has bottom port type.


Feeding Support Supply Unit 


The support unit of automatic spraying system which is required for using multi-spray gun in the same time and circulation. This unit make system provide the constant rate of spraying by 3 accessories which are paint regulator, back pressure valve and flow control valve.  


Mixing Agitator AMM Series

High performance agitator with air motor technology and unique rotation pattern of AMM series. It can be assured that all paint material will be feed into suction tube and rotate with optimal round speed that make paint material prevent to be sediment.

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