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Manual Low Pressure Air Spray Gun

High Transfer Efficiency and Optimized Atomization At the Low Air Pressure Range

The major challenges of painting are reducing paint consumption and VOC. We developed unique air cap, nozzle, and spray gun body mechanism for achieving high transfer efficiency and optimized atomization at the low air pressure range.

Compared with our conventional models, HVLP spray gun can save 20%~30% paint consumption. HVLP spray gun has realized less paint scattering. It contributes to improvement of working environment in terms of extended maintenance period of spray booth and less paint bounce back to painter.

However, this spray gun is suitable for large volume material and spray with a large production volume and the workpiece structure is the same. It can not achieve the requirement of perfect quality of surface coating.


Technical Data for each series

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Manual Low Pressure Air Spray Gun WIDER-1L

Type of Spray Gun: Pressure, Gravity and Suction


Manual Low Pressure Air Spray Gun WIDER-2L

Type of Spray Gun: Pressure Only


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