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Special Design Spray Gun for extent spray performance

Break the limit of spray performance

There have some difficult point that ordinary spray gun can not reach to spray so the ANEST IWATA have special design spray gun to extent the performance of spraying technique which have following below;

- Internal Pipe surface spray

- Mini Scale workpiece

- Tangled Web Pattern

- Spray Gun with agitator cup to maintain the quality of paint throughout the process of work.

ANEST IWATA create the specific purpose spray gun to spray with full performance and make work quality to be more consistent.


Extension Nozzle Spray Gun 

Support to spray in hard-to-reach area such as internal pipe surface or extent the spray length.

Spray Gun Type: LW-10B, LW-18B

Spray Gun for mini scale workpiece 

Spray gun with special nozzle for mini scale workpiece. The ergonomic design support paint hold easily and suitable for scale work job.

Spray Gun Type: RG-3L

Tangled Web Spray Gun

W-71 Special type which provide disheveled pattern similar as spider web in order to make patterns on clot or artistic wood work.

Spray Gun Type: SGD-71

Spray Gun with Agitator Cup (W-101A Series)

Spray gun with agitator cup for automotive refinishing work. Agitator cup support paint to be homogenous through out operating period.

Spray Gun Type: W-101A-134G (Gravity Type) W-101A-134S (Suction Type)


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