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ANEST IWATA Photocatalyst Spray Gun





Special spray gun for photocatalyst solution creating super hydrophilic film anti-fogging, self-cleaning, anti-bacterial, water cleaning, gas decomposition.



  • Flat pattern by uniform particle

  • Wider pattern even when low flow rate

  • High atomization performance obtained by even lower inlet pressure

  • Higher coating efficiency obtained by short distance spray (within 150 mm)

Background Photocatalyst.png

Fain flow control can be obtained by using fluid adjust set

Technical Data of LPH-50 Photocatalyst

LPH-50 Photo ENG.png

Technical Data of LPH-101 Photocatalyst

LPH-101 Photo ENG.png
LPH-101 Photo ENG - 2.png

Technical Data of LPH-400 Photocatalyst

LPH-400 ENG.png

Remark for Photocatalyst Spray Gun

List of photocatalyst spray gun which will be built to order product.

  • LPH-50-S9-06

  • LPH-50-S9-10

  • LPH-101-S18

  • LPH-101-S27

  • LPH-400-S1

For gravity cup, we recommend to use with stainless steel cup.

List of photocatalyst spray gun which can not be used with general paint.

  • LPH-101-S18

  • LPH-101-S19

  • LPH-101-S23

  • LPH-101-S27

  • LPH-101-S34

Basic idea for photocatalyst solution coating

  1. Different from conventional coating way. Thickness of coating film is from 0.1 micron to 1.0 micron.

  2. Coat uniformly. Do not recoat and left uncoated area. Need special skill to coat.

  3. Oil-free compressor. Chemical reaction between oil mist and photocatalyst lead to wrong coating film.

  4. Use guns after understanding propery of photocatalystic and hydrophilic solution.


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