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Air Spray Gun for Specific Purpose

Available for special paint and specific chemical that ordinary spray gun can not spray its.

ANEST IWATA product the spray gun for specific paint and chemical in order to coverage all kind of spray application. This spray gun will be produced with special part and body which can resist the special paint and chemical. The special material are following as below;

- Release Agent

- High viscosity Paint

- Ceramic Paint

- Adhesive

- Photocatalyst

ANEST IWATA specific purpose spray gun will perform spray for specific material better than ordinary spray gun which provide more quality of workpiece and following user's objective.



Spray Gun for Release Agent

Spray gun for release agent which apply to spray release agent on mold in production line. The flim thickness in workpiece will be thin significantly better than ordinary spray gun that it can not provide film thickness like this.

Type of Spray Gun: TOF-50, TOF-101-072

Spray Gun for High Viscosity Paint 

The ordinary air spray gun is not designed for high viscosity paint so W-200X series are create for high viscosity paint. It is applicable to use with both feeding unit and pressure feed cup as the optional accessories.

Spray Gun Type: W-2001-1, W-2002-1 และ W-2003

Spray Gun for ceramic paint

W-200 special series for ceramic paint. Nozzle and fluid needle are made from material which are suitable for ceramic material.

Spray Gun Type: W-200ZP


Spray Gun for adhesive

The special design spray gun for adhesive material only. The spraying performance will be better than using ordinary spray gun for adhesive material.

Spray Gun Type: COG-101, COG-200


Spray Gun for Photocatalyst

Spray gun for photocatalyst material only that ordinary spray gun can not apply this material.

Spray Gun Type: LPH-50-S, LPH-101-S, LPH-400-S


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