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Super Nova Spray Gun WS-400 for Automotive Refinishing


Atomizing Technology for damp area

The Evotech atomiser (WS-400 evo series) creates consistent amounts of extreme fine paint droplets onto painting surface even in damp area. It support painter to control the application speed to achieve the performance on demand.

Nozzle Variation of WS-400

  1. Standard delivery series. For standard spray application 1.3 mm - 1.4 mm (Both base coat and clear coat).

  2. HD series for high delivery wetter spray application 1.3 mm - 1.5 mm


with center plastic cup

Package set of WS-400

  1. WS-400 Evo

  2. Air Regulator AJR-02S-VG

  3. Center Plastic Cup PC-G600P-2, Capacity 600 ml

  4. Cleaning brushes

  5. Universal Spanner

Package Example

Technical Data of SUPER NOVA WS-400


Quotation and Order

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