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Super Nova Spray Gun LS-400 Entech for automotive refinishing


Spray Technology for hot and dry climate area

Entice atomizer (LS-400 entech) is a new generation of HVLP atomizer’s and is designed to have the maximum potential for a HVLP system (High volume Low pressure) as the environment is dry and hot so this spray gun support to increase fluid volume but reduce pressure volume.

  • Low paint consumption

  • Extremely low spray noise

  • Optimized nozzle with spray distance and wetness by separate 2 series of nozzle (ET for standard spray 1.2 mm - 1.5 mm. and ETS for wetter and long spray distance application 1.2 mm - 1.5 mm.)

  • Apply both hot and dry climate.


with plastic cup

Package set of LS-400

  1. LS-400 Evo

  2. Air Regulator AJR-02S-VG

  3. Center Plastic Cup PC-G600P-2, Capacity 600 ml

  4. Cleaning brushes

  5. Universal Spanner

Package Example

Technical Data of SUPER NOVA LS-400


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