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Paint Pressure Tank (Paint Tank) PT Series


For continuous painting of a single colour, the paint pressure tank is very convenient. It is available in both manual (D series) and automatic (DM series) models equipped with an agitator. Pressure tank is suitable for painting high viscosity paints or adhesives.

PT-20D Pressure Tank

Inner Container

This container is used inside the paint pressure tank and is useful for work requiring frequent color change.

Inner Tank

Example Applications


    •    Metal protection and finishing

    •    Wood finishing

    •    Plastic finishing

    •    Aerospace industry

    •    Automotive components

    •    Motorcycle parts

    •    Agriculture Equipment

Example of Typical Material

    •    Solvent - and water based material

    •    1K and 2K paint

    •    Primer and Top coat

    •    Low- /medium- / high solid material

    •    Paints and release agent

    •    PU and Epoxy material

    •    Metallic paint

Pressure Tank for Solvent - Manual Agitator Type

Pressure Tank for Solvent - Auto Agitator

Pressure Tank (Water-Based) Structure

Paint tank for water base paint (PT-xxDW)


  1. Interior wall has been treated to resist rust where it contacts paint.

  • Powder coating on interior wall

  • 2-component urethane coating on inner surface of lid.

  • Inner containers of stainless steel are also available.

  1. Mixing handle, suction pipe, and bolts which become submerged in paint are stainless steel.

  2. Suction filter body, turbulence plate, support band, and fastening bands are electroless nickel-plate.

  3. Manual mixing blade is chrome-plate and automatic mixing blade is electroless nickel-plated.

Pressure Tank for Water-Based Paint - Manual Agitator Type

Pressure Tank for water-based - Auto Agitator

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