ANEST IWATA WIDER Series for General Industry


The quality which is developed from prior generation without leaving the spirit of ANEST IWATA

WIDER 1 the successor product

W-101 is discontinued status

New Generation and New Challenge

The key points in industrial coating products are quality and repeatability. We have always created the ideal spray guns, adapted to divers applications and evolving paints.

Now we have developed the new WIDER 1 and WIDER 2 models, which follow the our key point industrial coating that it have been always changed for all times. Even this model bring back the original name “WIDER” which have been founded in 1957 but it’s mean that we respect the spirit of ANEST IWATA and present the quality and repeatability from that time to present day.

Therefore, this is the combination of the old spirituality from first generation in 1957 in the name of “WIDER” and the knowledge, experience and technology which is developed from generation to generation. Whether the period that there have changing word from “WIDER” to “W” in mid 90’s until latest developed technology. 

To acknowledge that “ANEST IWATA” always develop and improve technology without stop and ready to encounter the new challenge.


Feature 1

Ergonomic design with the focus on functionality

In the course of applying an ergonomic design throughout, we also achieved a 5-g weight reduction. Every adjustment knob is tapered with deeper grooves, providing a surer grip for easier fine adjustments. We also built in a busing into the back of the needle valve spring to make paint output adjustment smoother. The tip of the trigger has a smoother shape, for easier operation when applying lower paint volumes.

Feature 2

New models make maintenance easier

The new WIDER is designed for easier maintenance. We changed the thread pitch of the cap from 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm so that it can be screwed on with 1.5 turns, which is half as many as before. Also, the back end of the needle valve is reshaped to make it easier to remove and attach. By adding straight thread-less sections to the air and fluid nipples, we made it easier to attach the connectors.

Feature 3

Pattern Adjustment Set

The previous pattern adjustment set reached around 45% of full pattern width with 1 turn, around 80% with 1.5 turns and almost 100% or nearly fully open with 2 turns.

Our newly-developed pattern adjustment set now provides around 35% with 1 turn, around 50% with 1.5 turns, and around 70% with 2 turns. This linear response to adjustment is intuitively easier to operate.








Position of below table

Feature 4

Revised air Valve Seat Sets for a more consistent installation

Previous air valve seat sets consisted of a combination of large and small orifices in the air channel, so installing it into place could produce differences in air volume due to its position. This difference could potentially influence paint output and pattern width. We revised the design for the new WIDER, making the orifices much larger and more uniform so that installing the air valve seat set in produces more repeatable results. That enables even more consistent application.

Technical Data of WIDER



For small and Medium Spraying work


For nozzle size 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm

Car OEM, wood and furniture, metals plastics

For nozzle size 1.3 mm and 1.5 mm

Wood and furniture, metals, medium-viscosity paints

Type of spray gun

Pressure Type, Gravity Type and Suction Type



For large work and high viscosity material


For Pressure Type: (1.2 mm)

Large parts and vehicles, line painting

For Gravity Side cup and Suction Type: (1.5 mm - 1.8 mm)

wood and furniture, metals, plastics

For Gravity Side cup and Suction Type: (2.0 mm - 2.5 mm)

Metals, wood and furniture, anti-corrosion treatment for steel frames, high-viscosity paints

Demonstration Video

Video Credit:

Company: ANEST IWATA Corporation (Head Quarter)



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