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The Isolated Cabinet for water-based feeding unit under electrostatic spraying system



Separating the zoning of feeding water-based paint out of electrostatic water-based painting area

Due the water-based paint is low-resistant and high conductivity status, it is required to separate area of feeding and spraying area. If there is not separating area protocol, it will be risk and danger for user and equipment in that area. In the past, the feeding unit will be isolated by iron cage in order to avoid the people who may stand near feeding unit area during water-based painting is operated but WAGNER build the plastic cabinet which is the conductive insulator by nature.

With this AquaCoat cabinet, it is built for reducing the usage painting area by allocating the storage space of feeding unit and paint container to be fit within AquaCoat and has space enough for using suction tube inside cabinet, providing the terminal of paint hose, air hose for feeding paint and air to spray gun and also have inlet channel of air hose for link with control unit VM5020W (or VM5020WA for automatic painting system).

This plastic cabinet is designed for every type of electrostatic water-based spray gun whether manual type or automatic type and also include every type of feeding unit.

Aqua-Coat Cabinet

Basic Structure of Aqua Coat Cabinet

Double the Safety

Dual Safety to ensure the mechanical locking of the system interior during application

Quick Color Change

Large cabinet door and window are available on cabinet for checking material filling level.

Feeding Pump and Material Container

Feeding pump and material container are isolated in Aqua Coat cabinet for water-based paint.

Storage for Spray Gun and Hose

Storage are installed on a side cabinet to facilitate spray operating. 

Wide Selection of Cabinet

Aqua Coat are available 2 sizes for applying with various pump size.

Aqua Coat Controller

This controller unit are used as center control. You may set up voltage, current, paint volume and air volume. You may also record 3 recipe by controller unit.

Technical Data of AquaCoat

AquaCoat is available for air spray system and aircoat syetem. Please see the example of application for each system by following as below;

  • Air Spray System with manual type (GM5020EAW)

  • Air Coat System with manual type (GM5020EACW)

  • Air Spray System with automatic type (GA5000EAW)

  • Air Coat System with automatic type (GA5000EACW)

Example of adding the feeding unit and paint container into AquaCoat

AquaCoat New Tech ENG.png

Dimension of AquaCoat Cabinet

AquaCoat Dim Pic - A.png
AquaCoat Dim Pic - B.png
AquaCoat Dim ENG.png
AquaCoat DIM Option ENG.png

Application of AquaCoat

GM5020EAW Cover AquaCoat.png

Application with GM5020EAW

AirSpray System manual Type

GM5020EACW Cover AquaCoat.png

Application with GM5020EACW

AirCoat System manual Type

GA5000EAW Cover AquaCoat.png

Application with GA5000EAW

AirSpray System automatic Type

AquaCoat with AirCoat (Auto).png

Application with GA5000EACW

AirCoat System automatic Type

Demonstration Video

Video Credit:

WAGNER Dealer:  Equipo y sistemas carlos cano

Territory: Spain


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