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The Diaphragm Airless Spray Pack


Hero 23 at construction site.


New Saga of building painting

New concept of airless spray pack distribution of ROM have been re-arranged and reduce the spray pack series in order to avoid customer which feel confused while they consider to choose spray pack.

Therefore, the separation of diaphragm spray pack unit and piston spray pack for application scope and material compatible are totally different. With a new concept, the different spray pack have application scope are following as below;

1. Diaphragm airless spray pack

For water-based, solvent-based, plastic and ordinary acrylic material for small project to large project which apply to use airless nozzle which is not more than 0.033". Using diaphragm spray pack for all those of material is sufficient and return of investment is efficient to earn because the wear part is more durable and low maintenance cause so the long term investment benefit is better for this project type.

2. Piston airless spray pack

Piston unit is less durable than diaphragm when it is apply to use in painting and has more maintenance cost. The maintenance process is difficult and the wear part price is expensive but the performance is higher so ROM suggest piston airless spray pack for extremely high viscosity material and skim coat. The reason when we compare between investment value for this project, the maintenance cost and performance of piston is better so the return of investment is more efficient.

However, if the large piston pump is applied for small to medium project, the specification is over requirement and the return of investment may not be efficient.

SF 33 Plus at construction site.

Diaphragm Spray Pack for Construction

What is the super finish series ????

Super finish is the diaphragm airless spray pack that this technology is different from airless piston spray pack unit by using the movement of diaphragm disc deliver material to spray unit. The advantage that it support to deliver smoothly material, pulsation rate is lower and useful life is longer than piston unit. Previously, the price of diaphragm unit is expensive than piston unit for general painting spray job but it is not for hero 23 which is the only one unit in super finish series which have been sold in cheaper price than piston unit when compare with similar specification.

ANW_SF31_Dispersion Innen.jpg

Powerful, Robust QLS Technology

When it comes to the handling of a wide variety of materials with a single unit, diaphragm pumps are the best choice. Thanks to Quality LongStroke technology from WAGNER (QLS technology), airless diaphragm pumps are powerful and versatile for optimum surface quality. Optimised hydraulics and special valve technology provide improved performance.


The longer stroke of the diaphragms enables a very wide range of materials to be worked with, from thin liquids to high-viscosity materials which depend on maximum nozzle size which separate into 2 series, 0.023” for Hero 23 and 0.033” for Super Finish 33. Far less stress is placed on the components due to the reduced stroke frequency. This significantly extends their service life and reduces maintenance costs.

QLS-Grafik_mVentildr cker.jpg

Valve made of wear resistant carbide metal

Diaphragms made of wear resistant and solvent resistant polyamide

Figure: This geometry allows the diaphragms to move smoothly, ensuring both reliability and durability

3 Reasons and 1 suggestion to choose a diaphragm pump

Bar Graph.png

Comparative bar graph between maintenance expenses of diaphragm pump and piston pump


Spray Pattern from Diaphragm Pump with low pressure


Spray Pattern from Piston Pump with low pressure


1. Up to 58% less material in the system

Due to the small cross-sections inside the device, the diaphragm pumps can be operated with very small quantities of material. This saves material both during material changes and in the cleaning process. A clear advantage over conventional piston pumps.

2. Low Maintenance

Diaphragm pumps are virtually maintenance-free. The diaphragm operates reliably and permanently. Compared to a piston pump, this results in up to 50% lower maintenance costs. Should a repair be necessary, the corresponding components can be easily replaced directly on the building site.

3. Low Pulsation

Thanks to the diaphragm technology, an extremely fine and even spray pattern can be achieved. The shorter stroke of the diaphragm reduces pulsation, thus avoiding irregularities in the spray pattern. In addition, the additional switching point of the piston is dispensed with in a diaphragm pump.

4. Suggestion of choosing diaphragm pump

Even though the diaphragm pump has a lot of advantages more than piston pump but the diaphragm technology which use in architectural coating equipment of WAGNER has been limited by nozzle size at 0.033” that this nozzle can use with high viscosity material such as fire-retardant, heat protection and ceramic coating but the nozzle size information which is shown on label must not more than 0.033” because if it is more than that size, large piston pump is better to handle material which can be used with nozzle size more than 0.035” which corresponds to the WAGNER intend to develop piston pump in order to use with extremely high viscosity material such as SKIM COAT.

When customer consider the material paint, service maintenance expenses budget and capacity of work in their schedule. Every factor support contractor to use diaphragm which will obtain more return of investment.

Guideline for airless diaphragm spray pack selection by area size


Super Finish Hero 23

(a.k.a. Super Finish 23 Pro)


Super Finish 33 Plus

ตารางปั๊มสเปคไดอะแฟรม อิง.png

Technical Data of Airless High Pressure Diaphragm Pump Series 

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(a.k.a. Super Finish 23 Pro)

The critical turning point of airless spray pack for architectural painting. He come as hero.

  • Price is economical but this pack include airless spray gun, airless hose and trolley in equipment.

  • But provide performance which is higher than cost paid

  • Simply use and has a few procedure to use

  • Easy maintenance and low maintenance cost



New Powerful unit for architectural coating

  • Compatible with various material and high viscosity which is not more than nozzle size 0.033"

  • 0.033" available for roof painting, corrosion protectoral coating and ceramic coating which is not more than nozzle size 0.033"

  • More durable, reliable and wear part is depreciated slower than another type of spray pack unit.


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