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The Diaphragm Airless Spray Pack

Details of Super Finish Hero 23 Structure


Trolley hand for movement

Handle which make more comfortable for movement


The foldable frame allows convenient building site transport and saving storage area.

Vector Pro Airless Spray Gun

Airless Spray is included in hero 23 spray pack set. Light weight and long life.

Suction Hose

For direct suction from the container. Trouble free and include with intake filter and return hose.

Pressure Regulator Valve

Can adjust 0 - 250 Bar

Hero 23 Picture 4.png

HEA Pressure Gauge

Allows monitoring of the spray device pressure. HEA nozzles allow work in the low-pressure range between 80 - 140 bar which is marked with green on the pressure gauge.

Valve Return

Adjust direction of material. Normal direction for spraying process and return direction for cleaning internal equipment with solvent or cleaning agent.

Large variety of materials with QLS long-stroke technology

Made possible by optimized hydraulics and special long-stroke technology.

Technical Data of Super Finish HERO 23


Super Finish Hero 23

(a.k.a. Super Finish 23 Pro)


Setting at site

Hero 23 spec eng.png

Scope of Hero 23 Application

  • Small resident area to middle size adjustment

  • Small commercial building to middle commercial building

  • Internal and External Painting

  • Furniture Project by job order

  • Metal Structure of Building

  • Wood Coating

  • Large size of vehicle such as bus and convoy

Material Applicable

  • Release Agents and oils

  • Water-Based and Solvent-based for undercoats, primers, filler, synthetic resin-based paints and acrylic paints.

  • Emulsion paints, latex paints


Accessories with Super Finish HERO 23 set

Vector Pro_vr.jpg


Airless High Pressure Spray Gun

Summary of Product:

The standard airless spray gun which include in super finish hero 23 set and it is also available for sold separated for contractor who need purchase for additional item. This spray gun can apply to use with airless nozzle whether HEA TIP (Material saving tip) or TRADETIP (Standard airless nozzle). In addition, it can be applied with accessories such as extension nozzle and etc.

For technical data and further information, please see in below link 

(Please click "More Details" for additional information)



For Airless High Pressure Spray Gun

Product Summary:

New generation of airless nozzle which is included in super finish hero 23 set. The advantage that it support the high pressure spray pattern under 100 - 150 bar has more efficient and save a material consuming more than ordinary airless nozzle. It will be packed in set by 2 nozzles that contractor can choose following their job requirement.

For technical data and further information, please see in below link 

(Please click "More Details" for additional information)


High Pressure Hose

For Airless Spray Pack

Product Summary:

The airless hose in spray pack will be provided at length 15M which is the recommended length for ordinary painting.

For technical data and further information, please see in below link 

(Please click "More Details" for additional information)

Other Related Accessories

Enhance Performance or alternative solution for contractor​​

The advantage of diaphragm airless pump that it can be used with 5 liters hopper for maintenance work which use a few material capacity or quick dry material that it require to fill in hopper in order to avoid the drying in suction tube.

Extension nozzle, speed shield for spray pattern protecting and etc. You may found the enhance accessories in this below link

HERO 23 can use with airmix application. The air mix spray gun and compressor are available for diaphragm pump. Please see more details in below link.

5 Liters Hopper

Enhance Spraying Performance

Air Mix Spray Application


Quotation and Order

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Diaphragm Spray Pack

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