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Finecoat 9900 the spirit of decorative and perfection

Perfect Completion Device

Feature of FC9900 Plus

Wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors: All water thinned and solvent based materials can be applied undiluted, or if required adjusted to spraying viscosity: primers, impregnation agents, stains lacquers, clear lacquers, coloured lacquers, rust proofing paints, radiator paints, textured paints, hammer finish, multi-coloured effects and many more.


Practical Holder

For the gun. During breaks in work and when transporting, the gun can be safety stored on the unit.

Quick cleaning of the filter

Take out the filter without tools, just briefly knock out or blow out and refit. Dirty filter warning light indicates if the filter has to be cleaned.

FC9900 Pic.png

Dual air filtration

One on the cooling side and another one on the atomizing side with an automotive type air filter with pre filter.

FC9900 Pic 2.png

Buit in tool box

For needles, nozzles, air caps and nozzle wrench.


Thanks to the 5-stages turbine

Air Flow of FC9900 Plus


Cooling air flow

Air Atomizing Flow

Air Atomizing Flow

Cooling air flow

Technical Data of FC9900 Plus


Scope of delivery for FC 9900 (Standard Set)

  • Turbine FC 9900 Plus, 230V/50 Hz

  • FineCoat gun, 1 litre pressure cup with nozzle set 1.8 mm for FineCoat gun

  • Air Hose assy., for FC 9900 Plus

FC9900 สเปค อิง.png

Accessories Information for FC 9900 Plus


FC (FineCoat) Gun


Technical Data for 2 types of FC Gun


Other Accessories

Paint hose and enhancing accessories


Quotation and Order

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