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Provide the perfectly surface on your work

Behind the colorful making of building

Large Modern House with Pool

Residential Building which need high performance spray pack to use in order to support material saving, reducing time.

Spray Pack for Architectural Coating

Every type such as house residential building, commercial building, public traffic way, skyscraper and complex architect which are required to use spray equipment to support making colorful for those of building whether for colorful or protection in order to extent building surface to be long life.


And the project requirement that contractor face it. For example, project period, quality expectation and finding suitable equipment for material paint and chemical in case of coating special material (For example, ceramic paint, 2K paint and etc) so ROM provide various spray pack equipment type for various requirement of contractor as much as we can.


To confirm the important of architectural coating product group as it is the beginning point of ROM which handle this business more than 30 years. The product may be changed but the service maintenance performance and providing genuine spare part for supporting service is not changed.

Present day of Architectural Coating Product

Over 30 years ago, ROM provide spray pack for architectural coating, after sales service and selling genuine part to customer and has various type of spray pack for various material type. There have been separated into sub-product group are following as below;

- High pressure spray pack equipment for interior and exterior building

- Spray pack for skim coat and special material

Spray equipment for decorative painting purpose

- Road Marking and Line Striping

ROM has a new ideal for providing spray pack product by reducing some series of product to avoid the confusing for seller and buyer. New product provide more dynamic feature and separate application style more clearly so we will offer spray pack which is efficient both price and quality following their requirement.

Especially, the separating between diaphargm unit and piston unit more cleary that these 2 product wil not be the same requirement.


If it is Acrylic, plastic and normal paint, diaphragm unit can handle this material without problem.


Piston unit will handle for high viscosity material and 2K material. It can be applied to use skim coat.

Powrliner Background.png

Road marking has both normal material version and heat material version

Product Categories for Architectural Coating

You can see more details in follow below link;

Wagner_ANW_SF31_Decke_wei _25127.jpg

AIRLESS SPRAY PACK for interior and exterior building

Airless High pressure Spray pack for main coating purpose which need to be applied with large capacity of material. It support to use large material amount with high performance, provide material saving with benefit from airless system and decrease operating time and man power.


However, there have subsidiary group for this section by 3 sub-group (pump) + 1 sub-group (accessories) which are separated to present because the new concept of product presentation is about the matching between spray pack and application. For example, diaphragm unit for ordinary painting, piston unit for extremely high viscosity material and also has spray pack for 2K material in order to use with coating project for tunnel, oil rig and etc in order to respond all requirement of contractor.


For main coating project of large area and large material usage.


AIRLESS SPRAY PACK for skim coat project

This spray pack can be identified both architectural coating group and plaster coating group. We separate this product into new sub-group because the spray pack for skim coat product is high demand in market so it support customer to access product information quickly. We have both spray pack for skim coat and piston unit for extremely high viscosity material that it can be used for skim coat for consideration.


Decorative and Completion Spray Gun

This is the opposite size of high pressure airless unit because this equipment is HVLP or low pressure spray pack. It is suitable for decorative and completion work after the main coating project. Even this spray pack provide more atomizing cloud and work slower than airless unit but the application is quite different. Some area such as conner and balcony panel or texture painting, HVLP unit is suitable than airless spray.


ROM provide 2 brands of decorative finishing device. WAGNER decorative spray pack has 2 types, finish control and finecoat. It is the same purpose but it is different equipment style. And Japanese brand ANEST IWATA for texture gun.


For decorative and completion purpose only


Road Marking and Line Striping

This is the special equipment for road marking and line striping. We have 3 types of this unit. Start with ordinary paint until to heat paint for public road.

Screen Shot 2562-11-20 at 11.02.14.png

PU Foam Coating from TITAN for making heat insulation by foam, 2K Chemical Coating. Suitable for construction site such as oil tank, silo or large construction site. This equipment separate chemical material into 2 side and combine to be 1 at spray gun.

PU Foam Coating

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