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To provide the best equipment to customer

To present the best of performance and price for you

For Architectural Coating equipment which are distributed and performed after-sales service for 30 years by ROM. We select the most suitable item which match directly each contractor demand and most of product can be compatible with various construction project.

Currently, we plan to expand the coating equipment market by bring a brand new airless spray pack "Selleys" in order to fulfil the product line for budget price but the performance is suitable for ordinary coating without regret and it will be the good alternative choice for them. At the same time, ROM still sell and provide after-sales service for WAGNER product that it is built for heavy duty work and be compatible for high viscosity material. Therefore, it is quite different for ordinary coating.

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"If it's Selleys, it's work." that reflect the true ability of this equipment that the brand is under Nippon Paint network.

As the coordinate between a person who are expert in airless spraying device and the famous brand of paint manufacturer "Nippon Paint" who have the experience with painting contractor for a long time so the Selleys spraying device is satisfied by many of contractors with reliable performance.

For Selleys spraying equipment, the main objective is the budget price of airless spray pack that everyone can buy it. Even the price may not be the expensive but the spraying performance is guaranteed by Nippon Paint and combine with ROM's experience of after-sales service for 30 years so customer will not disappoint for sure.

Architectural Coating Equipment of Selleys

  • The compact size of Airless Spray Pack Selleys S21. This is only one Selleys product in ROM hand that it is intended to be sold with budget price. It is available for rust protection paint, acrylic paint, water-based paint and solvent-paint.

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One of the world top class performance spraying equipment from Germany which can be applied for spraying project which is difficult more than ordinary coating. WAGNER equipment is selected for high viscosity paint, skim coat or even WAGNER also have spraying device for ordinary coating but it is a diaphragm unit which is the unique technology of WAGNER that it is different from other brand.

WAGNER spraying equipment is applicable for large spraying project or special coating that normal spray pack can not handle it. If you need to spray the heat protection paint or external coating with extremely high viscosity material. You can feel confidence when you select the WAGNER.

Architectural Coating Equipment of WAGNER

  • PS 3.39 Spray pack for high viscosity material up to nozzle size 0.039 inch and skim coat project. If customer would like to spray anti corrosion material, ceramic coating for construction. PS 3.39 is the starter unit for extremely high viscosity material.

  • Heavy Coat 950 for extremely high viscosity material. For example, paint material for roof coating, anti-bacteria paint for ship and etc.

  • Super Finish 23 Pro for ordinary painting but it is designed as diaphragm technology which is the unique technology of WAGNER. You may use with 5L hopper for maintenance painting purpose.

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