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WAGNER GA400AL Airless Spray Gun


Regular Standard Airless Device


ROM import automatic airless spray gun GA400AL as the single series because the performance cover all kinds of processable material even the maximum pressure at 400 bar but it can be applied for spraying project which use pressure not more than 250 bar without problem and spare-part for service and sales for in-house maintenance.

The hose installation is simply. Connect air hose to spray gun directly and air hose is installed for control air only.

The gun body is stainless and be available for maximum pressure at 400 Bar so it can be used with every series of HP feeding unit.

Structure of WAGNER GA400AL

GA400AL Structure.png

Component of GA400AL

A: Tension Cap

B: Control air connection

C: Housing

D: Paint Connection

E: Nozzle Nut

F: Flat Nozzle

G: Valve Stem

H: Compression Spring

Technical Data of WAGNER GA400AL

GA400AL ENG.png

Dimension of WAGNER GA400AL

GA400AL Dim.png

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