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Automatic Powder Spray Gun


Automatic Powder Spray Gun

The high performance of WAGNER automatic powder spray gun which can set up on robot arm to use in the painting stage. Working with electric system and gun body is made by robust plastic which is durable and safe. Low maintenance cost, long life but performance still consistent.



Due to this spray gun are operated based on electrostatic principle, please see below link to acknowledge about how to apply electrostatic principle to spray gun

Operating of Automatic Powder Spray Gun

Dimension of WAGNER PEA-C4

PEA-C4 Dim 1.png
PEA-C4 Dim 2.png

Dimension of PEA-C4

Powder Single Auto Gun.jpg
PEA-C4 Dim 4 Eng.png

*Measurement for installation dimension B calculation when utilizing a deflector cone

Automatic Powder Spray Gun PEA-C4

Structure of WAGNER PEA-C4

PEA-C4 Dim 3.png
PEA-C4 Pos Eng.png

Technical Data of WAGNER PEA-C4


Standard Set of Automatic Powder Spray Gun

PEA-C4 Spec Eng.png

List of Equipment for Standard Set


  • Automatic Powder Spray PEA-C4 1 unit

  • EPG Sprint X Control Unit

  • Powder Injector

  • There is no powder hose and air hose included in due to the length requirement in each automatic system is not the same.

  • You can purchase a gun and control unit as separately

In case of using with EPG S2 Control Unit


Due there is no complete set with EPG S2 unit so you may purchase automatic spray gun PEA-C4 and EPG S2 separately. This control unit can apply with 2 automatic gun.

Link of Technical Data for Accessories of PEA-C4


EPG SPRINT X Control Unit

Wedge tool for C4.jpg

Accessories and Wear Part for PEA-C4

Normal Powder Injector.jpg

Accessories for Feeding Equipment of PEA-C4


EPG S2 Control Unit

Additional Item for C4XL.jpg

Special Nozzle for Metallic Powder


Moving Device for Automatic Spray Gun


Quotation and Order

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