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ANEST IWATA Automatic Spray Gun

Mounting with Robot version: WRA-M200

Next enhance level of Automatic Robot Spray Gun version

The newest generation of automatic air spray gun by enhancing the performance and dynamic using purpose more than previous model by provide more nozzle air cap and adaptor that can be modified for non-circulation version or circulation version. Simply maintenance and rather than previous model and also provide 2 type; aluminium and stainless version.

This type can take all kind of work so it has been presented out of another WRA series. You can see more details of spray gun in below information which is present by component of gun.

WRA-M200 Series.png

WRA-M200 Black (Aluminium) Grey (Stainless)

Component of WRA-M200


1. Aircap

2. Nozzle

3. Adaptor

4. Fluid Adjuster

Standard Technical Data (Based on 1.2 mm nozzle)

Standard Tech Eng - 1.png
Standard Tech Eng - 2.png

1. Aircap

Air Cap Main Picture.png

Aircap of WRA-M200 is designed for simply assembly by assemble or disassemble only 1 position with turning counter clockwise and also turn aircap into 0 degree position or 90 degree position without tools and check the precision with eye only (you can set more than 0 degree or lower than 90 degree). The aircap performance will be different by each color.

Aircap Disassembly.png

Disassembly aircap

01. Grey Aircap (Standard)
Gray - Flat.png
Gray - Shape.png

Gray Color

Flat Pattern

Surface Shape

03. Silver Aircap
Gray - Flat.png
Gray - Shape.png

Silver Color

Flat Pattern

Surface Shape

05. Pastel Gold
Pastel - Center Heavy.png
Pastel - Shape.png

Pastel Color

Center Heavy

Surface Shape

02. Black Aircap
Black - Center Heavy.png
Black - Shape.png

Black Color

Center Heavy

Surface Shape

04. Gold Aircap
Gold - Flat Touch.png
Gold - Shape.png

Gold Color

Flat Touch

Surface Shape

06. Blue Aircap
Blue - Flat.png
Blue - Shape.png

Blue Color

Flat Pattern

Surface Shape

Technical Data of Aircap

Aircap Tech ENG.png

Guideline for aircap selection







Turning Aircap.png

Position of aircap disassembly is positioned on under spring (red arrow).

1: Pattern width (mm)

Each aircap provide the different pattern width size. The pattern width will relate the workpiece size. Large pattern will cover more surface of workpiece and reduce spraying time and available for some material which need large pattern. If spray a small workpiece, select the sutable aircap will provide the optimal performance.

A: Aircap for small workpiece

There have only aircap type 03 provide the most suitable of small workpiece because it generate the smallest flow rate and pattern width. Choosing the aircap which has the same ability with nozzle will provide the best spray performance and material saving in the same time.

2: Fluid Output (ml/min)

The quantity of flow rate will relate with pattern width size. More pattern width will provide more quantity of flow rate. When you see the graph pattern in above chart, each aircap provide the different of flow rate quanjtity because the pattern width size.

3: Guideline for nozzle selection

There is no fixed requirement of nozzle to aircap but we can not deny that nozzle should be selected following the aircap type because the pattern width in aircap and flow required must be match with nozzle size. We will explain more details about nozzle in next part but please see the chart to check the relationship between nozzle size, aircap and flow rate.

B: Aircap for middle and large workpiece

Aircap type 01 and 02 can be used both middle size and large size but you can choose aircap for specific type for workpiece by referring to limited pattern width amount and flow rate of each aircap. If workpiece require pattern width and flow rate at 150 mm  and 200 ml/min respectively, the aircap type 01 and 02 are the most suitable for this workpiece. In case of similar workpiece size but require more pattern width and flow rate, you may choose aircap type 04 05 and 06.

Summary of Aircap selection

You can select the nozzle and aircap as you will because the all nozzle size and aircap can be selected freely but we suggest that select the nozzle and aircap based on guideline chart which will be the most suitable requirement. The nozzle size 1.2 mm is the standard size which cover all type of workpiece.

2. Nozzle

หัวพ่น WRA-M200.png

Nozzle Picture on WRA-M200

Nozzle Size

- 0.8 mm (Small Workpiece)

- 1.0 mm (Medium Workpiece)

- 1.2 mm (Standard Workpiece)

- 1.5 mm (Large Workpiece)


The important of each nozzle

Nozzle is the exit of fluid output from spray gun. Whatever you select any size of nozzle, the gun body is the same unit and fluid pathway are the same. Even you can adjust the fluid quantity by fluid adjuster but select the unappropriated nozzle size will not provide the suitable spray performance. Too big nozzle may waste a lot of material and make damage on workpiece so consideration of nozzle selection is important to provide the best performance.

The nozzle size has 4 type. Please see the details on each size.

Standard Size 1.2 MM

Standard nozzle is installed on WRA-M200 as the default nozzle size. This size coverage all type of spraying work and use with every type of aircap. (Except type 03 which is for smallest workpiece). So 1.2 mm provide the suitable flow rate and using for multi-purpose. However, some material has high viscosity rate so 1.2 mm may not be able to apply.

Small workpiece version 0.8 mm

The smallest nozzle and applied with aircap type 03 (Blue version) only in order to provide the precise flow rate for small size.

1.0 MM for medium size (Alternative purpose)

If 1.2 mm is too bigh and flow rate is over quantity but 0.8 mm is too small, so 1.0 mm is the better choice to keep flow rate quanity to be optimal for medium size.

1.5 mm for large size

1.5 mm is the largest size for high viscosity material.

Position of nozzle after attach aircap

3. Adaptor for Spray Gun Based


Adapter under spray gun


Adapter with fitting

Adapter of WRA-M200

Adaptor for mounting spray gun that can be used for condition both circulation and non-circulation version. (Some material need to apply with circulation requirement for all times). Please see in below link.

Paint Circulation.png

Adaptor of


Example of fitting installation

Paint circulation 1.png

Setting for non-circulation purpose

Paint circulation 2.png

Setting for circulation purpose

4. Fluid Adjuster


Fluid Adjuster

The most precise knob for fluid adjuster

The newest knob which provide the precise fluid adjustment provide accurately flow rate. However, the pattern width and fluid output must be depended on nozzle size and aircap because the 3 mains component (nozzle, aircap and fluid adjuster knob must be consider in the same time.

Fluid Adjuster - 1.png

Spray gun without knob

Fluid Adjuster - 2.png
Fluid Adjuster - 3.png

Knob for adjusting flow rate

The sleeve of rear gun for fix flow rate

Identification of WRA-M200 Model


Principal Title




08 - 0.8 mm

10 - 1.0 mm

12 - 1.2 mm

15 - 1.5 mm

Gun Body Material

Aluminium (STD) and Stainless (N)



Standard Type


01 (STD)






Body Material of WRA-M200

ALU Type.png

Details of Aluminium Type

Material Nozzle: Stainless

Material Needle: Stainless

Material Gun Body: Aluminium

Manifold: Aluminium

Fluid Fitting Material: Stainless

Aluminium (Black Color)

SSL Type.png

Details of Stainless Type

Material Nozzle: Stainless

Material Needle: Stainless

Material Gun Body: Stainless

Manifold: Stainless

Fluid Fitting Material: Stainless

Stainless (Grey Color)

Dimension of WRA-M200 (mm)


Mounting Example

Mounting Example (M200).png

Service Maintenance

Maintain 1.png

Disassembly fluid adjuster for cleaning

Not only aircap which is simply removed, the fluid adjuster is simply removed too by remove without tools in order to clean internal part. Unlike, previous model, it require tool for removing.

Remove Fluid Adjuster without tool.

Examine the wet part of spray gun

The wet part and piston chamber in spray gun are designed to be examine with eye contact. If needle and packing is depreciated, it will be showed clearly. In other hand, packing will detect in term of fluid leak that you can use tool to tight without bring part out ouf gun.

Maintain 2.png

Internal Wet part will be seen by eye contact


Cleaning demonstration of WRA-M200

(Please click left icon to see video)


Assembly Demonstration of WRA-M200

(Please click left icon to see video)

Video Credit:

Company: ANEST IWATA Southeast Asia

Territory: Thailand


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