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Electrostatic Automatic Spray Gun

As the high performance, it is provide a lot of paint saving and continuous


Provide a atomizing performance and high coating quality under electrostatic automatic spray system with GA5000 for solvented-based paint and GA5000W for water-based paint.

Combination of these 2 equipment from spray gun and control unit

The WAGNER GA 5000 for solvent-Based (GA5000W for water-based) & EPG 5000 (VM5020WA for water-based) are a contribution to the trend of electrostatic processes which reduce coating-related pollutant emissions, as well as automated systems. Compared to the bell atomiser, this solution has a much simpler structure and achieves equally excellent spraying results. It can be used for various applications, e.g. agricultural equipment, transportation vehicles or automotive parts.

Example of installation on robot


Feature of Electrostatic Spray Gun


  • Material savings of up to 50%.

  • All-in-one control unit.

  • Highest safety functions built in.

The basic of operating for electrostatic automatic spray gun is similar to manual type except the controlling that it will be performed by automatic system depend on setting value. The other factor or other basis is the same as manual type so you can see more details about electrostatic painting in below link;

Example of installation with paint hose and air hose

Basic Structure of Electrostatic Gun

The basic structure of electrostatic automatic srpay gun is the same wheter itis air spray air coat or even the water-based type. There have a few different that it depend on purpose.

GA5000EA Full Resolution.png

Simple release of the union nut and housing thanks to the new click system.

Auto Cover 1.png

Up to 20% Paint Savings

Up to 20 % higher transfer efficiency vs comparable products with the WAGNER high performance cascade.

High Flexibility

Option to choose between internal or

external air control, depending on the

coating requirements.

Maintenance Cost Saving

With the quick-change nozzle - simple nozzle exchange without disconnecting the material or compressed air, as well as flushing. For minimum interruptions of the

production process.

Superior Finishing Quality

Exceptionally homogeneous atomisation with the tiniest

droplet sizes for outstanding surface quality minimises

the number of rejected parts.

Auto Cover _.png

Internal and External versions for air control

For experienced operators, it is often quicker and

easier to set the forming air and atomised air on

the gun. On the IC versions (internal control), there

is an adjusting screw for this. For more precise and

reproducible air settings, the EC versions (external

control) can be used. The air options are set on the

EPG 5000 (or VM5020WA for water-based paint).

Technical Data of Electrostatic Gun by Categories

The electrostatic gun for solvent-based paint and water-based paint is similar only the gun body but the internal structure, spare-part, control unit and application is a huge different and can not be used for the same application. To make it simply understanding and clearly in order choose correctly, this spray gun will be presented separately and the material application will be identified in each series.

(Please click "Details" for further information)

Solvent Based Auto Cover.png

Electrostatic Automatic Spray Gun for Solvent-Based

Spray gun, Control unit and related accessories for solvent-based paint only. This is the regular series for large industry such as automotive, part, component, electronic device and other heavy industries. The information are following as below;

  • Electrostatic Automatic Air Spray Gun GA5000EA

  • Electrostatic Automatic AirCoat Spray Gun GA5000EAC

  • Control Unit for Electrostatic Automatic Spray Gun for Solvent-Based EPG5000

  • Related Equipment

Water-Based Auto Cover.png

Electrostatic Automatic Spray Gun for Water-Based

It is a huge different from solvent-based series. The internal structure and application is specific for water-based paint only because this paint has conductivity status higher than solvent-based paint so it is strongly required for plastic insulation booth in order to keep feeding unit and transferring paint section to avoid the painter touch this area. The control unit is different from solvent-based paint. The information are following as below;

  • Electrostatic Automatic Air Spray Gun GA5000EAW

  • Electrostatic Automatic AirCoat Spray Gun GA5000EACW

  • Control Unit for Electrostatic Automatic Spray Gun for Solvent-Based VM5020WA

  • AquaCoat Plastic Cabinet

  • Related Equipment

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