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Enhancing of automatic powder coating system presentation by ROM



For automatic powder coating equipment which is presented by ROM will not be only applying section as before but we bring everything of equipment and system of WAGNER powder coating in order to present in this website.

Now you can see the powder system, type of controlling unit that WAGNER provide it and type of powder booth from WAGNER. Not only technical data we also present the reason why it must be included in the system and can not ignore it in order to make the customer understand cleary.

Tree of relevance of subsidiary-system in powder coating system

Screen Shot 2562-05-26 at 21.01.34.png
Powder Booth Backgroud.jpg

Controlling System

Moving Device

Powder Center

Powder Applying System

Powder Booth

Controlling system will  be installed at powder center to control coating  process.

Controlling system input the movement command to moving device

Controlling system input command for open/close powder gun and spray

Powder center manage to feed powder to applying system and also prepare powder which obtain from recovery system

Spray gun will be installed at moving device and also be moved by this device

Applying system will spray powder following command input from controlling system in powder booth 

The powder debris which is not coated on surface will be fall down on booth floor. All fallen powder debris will be transfer to recovery system

Powder booth will have space available for automatic spray gun and moving device. 

Recovery system manage fallen powder from booth to clean and send back to powder center

Controlling unit report the recovery rate

Powder Center which has seive equipment will screen all returned powder before send back to applying system

Powder Recovery System

Subsidiary-system of automatic powder coating system

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Preparation and Feeding Powder System

ROM proudly to present the powder feeding preparation. Start with powder center of WAGNER. For example, IPS, PXE, PXM, PXS, and present related accessories in this system

Auto Sprating.png

Automatic Powder Application Section

Introduce the automatic powder spray gun which includes technical data, dimension, and list of accessories and wears part.

Powder Booth.png

Automatic Powder Coating Booth

We have many types of automatic powder booth system in order to be considered to follow the requirement of each customer.


Powder Recovery System

WAGNER Recovery unit support to reuse powder grain which hasn't wrap around the workpiece to be more efficiently and time saving.


Linear Moving Device for Powder Coating

Present the moving device and related equipment in order to mount with automatic powder spray gun.

PIC_EQU_ProfiTechM - 005.jpg

Controlling System Unit for Powder Coating System

Present the controlling unit with standalone version, center control version and another controlling unit type which be operated with an automatic system.


The production performance and status of a powder coating system will be reported and transferred from the controlling system in powder center through the cloud database via the internet to show in receiving devices such as smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer. The management of a powder coating system can be performed remotely with your finger.

COATIFY the Web-Database Network for Remote Management

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