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COATIFY the Web-Database for Powder Coating System


What is the COATIFY Web-Database???

Coatify is a web-based internet of things platform which allows the intelligent monitoring of coating systems.

You can thus increase transparency and process reliability in your industrial coating, while also improving system availability and productivity. With Coatify you as the operator are in close contact with your coating systems and always well informed about the current plant status.

The requirement of Coatify Platform Data-Based


  1. WAGNER Powder Center (IPS Master, PXE, PXM, and PXS)

  2. Internet Connection between powder center and internet system of the production line

  3. Personal Computer Tablet and smartphone which is available to show report from Coatify Data-Based

Diagram of Data Transferring from Coatify

1. Data Sender


PXE Powder


Internet Connection


Data Route

2. Main Server on Cloud

3. Data Reciever


Cloud Data-Based


Smart Phone





The Advantages of COATIFY Database


Perfect Process Overview

See the performance data of all coating systems in your company at a glance - on a clear user interface with descriptive diagrams and graphs.


Secure access from anywhere


The controls and sensors in the WAGNER products send data to the platform via a secure VPN connection. The resulting visualized key figures can be displayed at any time and anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or PC.


Productivity Increase by up to 5%


Tight process control, short response times for fewer rejects and proactive service measures can increase your system availability and productivity.

Reliable notification function


In the case of critical events, such as malfunctions in the system, pending maintenance or it adjustable limit values are undercut or exceeded, you receive an optional automatic e-mail notification in addition to an information via the platform.

Related Personnel of COATIFY Platform Database


Production Manager


Due to the ever-stronger competitive environment, you as a production manager have the task of continuously optimizing production costs. COATIFY offers the possibility for an extremely reliable productivity monitoring by the continuous supply of important production data.


Maintenance Service Manager


With its notification function, COATIFY provides you as a service manager with timely information and warnings if a problem occurs during the coating process, wear parts have to be replaced of important maintenance is due. You can, therefore, the plan service team can even carry out remote maintenance. High quality and system availability are ensured and the productivity is increased.


Quality Assurance Manager 


As a quality manager, you have to ensure that the quality of the coated workpieces is always at the highest level in order to meet the increasing demands of your customers. With COATIFY, you can view key production-quality figures at a glance and take any necessary action. Best results can thus be ensured.


Process Analysis Manager


With COATIFY, you as process analysis manager can retrieve reports from anywhere about the development of important performance indicators in the coating process, such as coating time or a number of coated parts. You can also compare these key performance indicators with historical values and thus gain valuable insights to optimize your processes and ultimately meet your corporate goals.


Operating Officer


As an operating officer, you are at the plant all day long and have to make sure that production runs smoothly and without interruptions. With COATIFY, you have an indispensable tool at hand that provides you with a simple visualized overview of the current system status. The increased transparency simplifies your work enormously and helps you to keep track of important production processes even in stressful times.

Your entry into the COATIFY Platform

Cotify Cockpit.png


The start page provides the operator with an overview of all his lines, quick feedback on the production status and the most important productivity key figures.


COATIFY.Performance Dashboard


Detailed, clearly structured and attractively presented reports for each integrated system. Current characteristic values such as coating time, number of coated parts or conveyor section can be displayed and compared with historical parameter.

Overview of the COATIFY functions




You receive up-to-date information on the operating and maintenance status of the individual components of your system, including a logbook. In this way, you can plan service measures in good time, increase your system availability and thus save costs. If required, WAGNER service staff can carry out remote maintenance of your plant.



Performance monitoring, including machine status data, number of coated parts per minute, coating times, and much more. Customize your own production data analysis over a defined period of time (minutes, hours, days, months, years). Optionally, evaluations per work shift are also possible.


COATIFY.Quality Control


Updates with information on current production and quality status. Critical messages or warnings are issued to indicate necessary system adjustments. In conjunction with the WAGNER Layer check LC 1000, the layer thickness can also be monitored without contact and readjusted if necessary.




In this functional area, you can store all important digital documents relating to your system and the individual components, such as operating instructions, spare parts lists, system plans or project information, and access them at any time. This facilitates your daily work and increases transparency for everyone involved in the production process.

Demonstration Video

Video Credit:


Company: J. Wagner GmbH

Territory: Germany (Headquarter)


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