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Basic Powder Center

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The basis powder center is primarily designed for the powder feeding in single-paint systems. It is available as a modular system with various stages of expansion. The basic configuration consists of a fluid tank with suction pipes as required for the number of guns to be supplied. Depending on the particular task, the system can be extended by adding the level sensor, vibration table and sieve equipment modules.

Excellent surface quality


  • The optional use of ultrasound or rotary sieves allows for an improved powder quality.


High feed capacity


  • The basis powder center ensure optimum supply of up to 12 powder injectors.


High performance


  • The fluidzation of the complete tank content ensures an even powder feed.


Optimum coating quality


  • Optimal powder preparation using an optional vibration table ensures premium coating quality.


Basic Powder Center

Special Advantages


  • Powder container with up to 12 powder injectors. Large delivery capacity.

  • Fluidized container. Even powder delivery

  • Optional vibration table. Optimal powder preparation for premium coating quality

  • Optional sieving equipment (ultrasonic or rotary sieve) maximization of surface quality


Included items


  • Depending on the required functions

  • Fluidized container

  • Pick-up tubes

  • Level sensors min. and max.

  • Fresh powder supply unit


An optional item which can be additionally installed


  • Vibration Table

  • Rotary sieve unit or ultrasonic sieve unit


Processable Powder Materials

  • Corona Powder

  • Tribo Powder


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