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Automatic Powder Booth


Powder Booth for Automatic System

A place of the setting of an automatic powder gun, moving the device and transfer the powder to recovery unit system. We provide both plastic and stainless booth in order to make consideration following below list;

Plastic Powder Booth

Today automatic plastic booths are mainly used in modern powder coating systems. The material PVC is particularity suited for the construction of a complete (HiCoat) system, thanks to its mechanical properties (robust, repairable), but also especially thanks to its electrostatic properties. Depending on recovery system single-paint systems with filter recovery or multi-paint systems with mono-cyclone recovery can be constructed. Here it has been proven that paint changes only take a few minutes. Today these multi-paint systems are used for all contract coating companies.

1. Excellent Coating Results


There is no paint carry-over thanks to the optimized pipe geometry. This ensures a safe change for critical powders.


2. Rapid Paint change


An efficient paint change is ensured thanks to the compact design of the booth housing and the powder repulsion.


3. Optimal Booth Cleaning


Booth housings with PVC sandwich construction are dust repellent (no sintering).


4. Maximum Pressure Electrode Effect


This ensures increased application efficiency.


5. Consistent Powder Quality


The prevention of separation during powder circulation ensures a consistently high powder performance during the coating process.


6. High Application Efficiency


The even suction for the complete booth length allows for an optimal surface quality.

Plastic Booth.png
Screen Shot 2562-05-26 at 21.00.01.png
Cube Booth.png

Plastic Booth Cube Series


The latest plastic booth with compact size. Require a few spaces to install. This type is used for part of e-line system and c-line system.

SuperTech Cover.png
Super Tech Booth.png

Super Tech Plastic Booth


Compact and practical-powder changes from 5 minutes!

Supercube Powder Booth.jpg
Super Cube Booth.png

Super Cube Plastic Booth

Powder color change possible in less than 5 minutes

Stainless Powder Booth

Stainless steel booth is used where an automatic coating system needs to be built on a small budget and in a rough environment. This indestructible and easy-to-maintain booth type ensures professional use over many years. With the ICF (filter) and ICM (multi-cyclone) recovery versions, units can be built for single paint or multi-paint systems.

1. Easy Cleaning


The accessible stainless steel booth floor and the smooth surfaces ensure efficient cleaning.


2. Cost-effectiveness and efficiency


Variable suction capacity thanks to the modular combination of recovery modules.


3. Modular Design


Thanks to the modular and compact design the booth may be adapted easily to the user's requirements.


4. Optimal process sequences


The booths offer integrated manual coating stations with optimally positioned illumination. 


5. Process reliability


No sintering when directly connected to the multi-cyclone.

Stainless Booth.png
ICF Booth.jpg

ICF Stainless Booth for Mono-Cyclone


The stainless booth which can handle for spray 3 color and using with Mono-Cyclone

ICM Booth (New).png

ICM Stainless Booth for Multi-Cyclone

The powder stainless booth for multi-color require and using with multi-cyclone


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