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Brand History


WAGNER Office.png
Brand Logo - ROM.png

Factory of J WAGNER GmbH at Germany

Brand Information

Brand Title: WAGNER

Company Name: J WAGNER GmbH

Head Office Address:

Otto Lilienthal-Strasse 18 88677 Markdorf

Country: Germany

Established: 1953

Founder: Josef Wagner

World Leader of surface coating technology

Back in 1953, WAGNER founder Mr. Joseph Wagner developed the first “airless” electric paint spray gun which is called “Whisker”. Since that day, WAGNER has developed the surface finishing equipment in order to use in DIY work, architectural Coating work and up to large manufacturing plant for 60 years. Not only surface coating equipment, there also have other related equipment such as foam injection equipment to repair cracked concrete, plaster coat equipment and heat gun multipurpose and etc.


In addition, even there have factories and offices which locate around the world,  there also has acquired an other surface finishing business company such as Walther Pilot for air spray guns with premium level, Spraytech and Titan, which are famous in architectural coating that ROM distribute and sell under the name of WAGNER as be classified as architectural coating division.


WAGNER is one of the world leading of surface finishing company. The world-class company believe in quality and dependability in spray paint applications in large industrial plants, landmark buildings also deliver quality spray paint to WAGNER household products. The ROM customers who purchase WAGNER get the perfect spray quality for anyone, no matter what level of equipment.

The success product of WAGNER (And also make ROM success in Thailand territory) are electrostatic spray gun for industry, diaphragm pump, high pressure pump for water-based paint and solvent-based paint. Powder Coating and high performance of electric airless pump for architectural coating. All those of products are sold and distributed by ROM Intertrade and also has service maintenance for 30 years in Thailand.

But above all else. After-sales service is the most important to concern. WAGNER has spare parts, after-sales service for all types of spray equipment and keep spare parts in inventory with a long period of 5 to 10 years. Therefore, it is guaranteed that WAGNER equipment will be operated for longer.


Pilot Office.png
Walther Pilot logo.png

Head office of Walther Spritz- und Lackiesysteme GmbH at Germany

Brand Information


Company Name: Walther Spritz- und Lackiesysteme GmbH

Head Office Address:

Karnter StraBe 18-30 D-42327 Wuppertal

Country: Germany

Established: 1923

Founder: Richard Curl Walther

High performance of spray gun from Germany

WALTHER PILOT is one of the leading spray equipment manufacture in the world. There are many types of spray guns available for various industry. The highlight of this brand is the spray paint that focuses on cost-saving, protect environment and paint sprayers, so with standards from Germany. This brand is regular in top class factory.


Back in World War I, the demand for mass production technology was increasing, especially in the automotive industry, and as a result, spray gun technology was born at this time. The first country where develop spray gun is United Statement of America. At this moment, Richard Kurtwater, saw the importance of spray guns to help them produce timely, so he initiated the development of spray guns by himself and then he founded the company in 1923 and began to produce spray gun, a vision that made him decide to produce a spray gun before the German people know spray gun.


After that, he developed better spray guns from generation to generation then it make WALTHER PILOT became the world's leading brand. Especially a high quality air spray gun. It is commonly used in the automotive industry, aircraft industry and etc


In 2002, J. WAGNER GmbH acquired the WALTHER PILOT brand in the WAGNER Group. The WALTHER PILOT was featured in the low pressure spray gun. While WAGNER is renowned for its high-pressure spray guns and electro-pneumatic guns, therefore, the 2 world leading coating technology are joined together. ROM also get benefit from this combination that we can distribute and service WALTHER PILOT.


Screen Shot 2563-06-24 at 15.49.23.png

Brand Information

Brand Title: TITAN

Company Name: TITAN Tool

Head Office Address:

1770 Fernbrook Lane Plymouth, Minnesota 55447

Country: USA

Established: 1974

Piston Technology of architectural coating from USA

The leader of architectural coating technology from USA and there are an origin of electric piston airless pump for contractor with the IMPACT series (or WAGNER Prospray for Thailand and Europe) which make a reputation for building paint industry.

Currently, TITAN brand will be entered to Thailand with road marking equipment and PU foam coating with brand new technology in order to respond a kind of application.

TITAN is established in 1974 with the primary objective which support and help contractor to perform with the most comfortable work for painting. The performing must be done with short-time, high-performance and result and obtain high return from investment.

For many years ago, TITAN has a new innovation of painting spray for architectural coating in order to follow the demand of applicator in market and presently, TITAN is the one of WAGNER Group that they have a new market channel and exchange technology in each other to fulfil the technical and knowledge of innovation between Europe and USA. Therefore, both of two brands has a product which is second to none.


ROM Intertrade is the distributor of WAGNER Group in Thailand territory so we also has an opportunity to sell TITAN product.


ANEST IWATA Office Location.png
anest iwata logo (JPG).jpg

Head Office and Research Center of ANEST IWATA at Yokohama

Brand Information

Brand Title: ANEST IWATA

Company Name: ANEST IWATA Corporation

Head Office Address:

3176 Shinyoshida-cho, Kohoku-Ku, Yokohama

Country: Japan

Established: 1948

No. 1 Spray Gun Brand at Japan

In surface coating industry of Japan, No one does not know IWATA or the current name is ANEST IWATA, the world-famous spray painting equipment company from Japan. With many branches and dealer around the world even in Thailand. ANEST IWATA is famous and popular in many Japanese factories, which has been in this industry for more than 90 years. The beginning era was in 1926, where IWATA SEISAKUSHO was incorporated. It started producing spray guns in its first batch in 1927, and then started producing other products such as air compressors.

IWATA is the world-famous Japanese spray gun brand in the world, especially for the robust design and high performance which quite similar to spray gun of Europe and also make the brand very successful. There are new innovations throughout until 1996 that they changed the brand name to be ANEST IWATA up to now.

ANEST IWATA is well-known of the robust spray gun and performance always be constant through out the useful life and the adjusting of spray pattern, pressure and air pressure control is precise. Those of performance have been always seen in every series of ANEST IWATA since the basic series to top series. This brand can compete with other world premium brand from Europe and USA.

In the year 2017, there was a representative from ANEST IWATA who contact ROM to submit a proposal to provide ANEST IWATA equipment to ROM in order to sell and service. ROM also needs to expand more markets, especially Japanese factory in Thailand. It is a great opportunity for ROM to have Japanese product which high quality and long reputation for sales and marketing plan.

ANEST IWATA is the newest brand of ROM which has the right to distribute, and of course the after-sales service will be at the same level as other brands that ROM has provided. Customers who buy ANEST IWATA spray gun from ROM can ensure that they will be given the good service and delivery timely for sure. 

The ANEST IWATA product that is sold by ROM include the spray gun for factory, automotive refinishing spray gun, pressure tank and agitator for feeding unit with metal tank style (or may be stainless for some series). When bring it to use with WAGNER that ROM sell as primary product, it make ROM has a top performance of spray equipment from Germany and Japan to be the same package and also be the alternative choice to expand market.

However, the ANEST IWATA electrostatic spray gun, high pressure airless pump and airless spray gun will not be sold by ROM.

Hakko Eightron

Hakko logo.png

Hakko Factory at Saitama

Brand Information

Brand Title: Hakko Eightron

Company Name: Hakko Corporation

Head Office Address:

3Unity Forum 5F, 42-18, 1-Chome Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo, 173-0004 Tokyo

Country: Japan

Founder: Kousaku Abe

Established: 1960

The world class liquid transfer hose from Japan

Regardless of how world class spray gun perform well? The majority factor which can not be ignored that is the liquid and air transferring to spray gun so that is the paint hose and air hose. Those hose are the one of spray performance indicator and also provide the agility of operating, robust and flexibility of hose.

Hakko is the manufacturer of liquid and air transfer hose at Japan. It is guaranteed the performance of operating by the material hose which made from high quality material such as resin, nylon with the technical knowledge of Hakko so there have a lot of hose series since transferring hose for general process, food processing hose and medical instrument. So the paint hose and air hose with the same technical knowledge of other hose series. Therefore, it can be used with top brand of spray equipment. Not only maintain the spraying performance, it will be enhanced the duration performance that the liquid and air hose will be feed constantly for a long time and more flexible movement during spraying. That why ROM bringh hakko hose to use with WAGNER and ANEST IWATA

Hakko start business in 1959 that they start with resin pvc hose at the first time by Mr. Kousaku Abe and year later, established the first official company in the name of "Hakko Vinyl Limited Company" and build the first factory at Okaguchi city in Itabashi. Then the factory was moved to Saitama in 1968.

After that, the company is changed name title to be "Hakko Corporation" in 1984 and success in the production of multi-layer hose for liquid transferring. The liquid hose business is growth up and demand is increased so they open a new more factory at Akita in 1991 and next 9 years, Hakko make a patent for resin fluorine hose PVDF series for E-PD and E-PDB.

In 2010, the new series of resin fluorine hose ERFE is successful by be awarded of new innovation of liquid product hose. It make a lot of reputation for Hakko and there also have a new series in many line to respond a kind of demand.

ROM will not concentrate only paint hose and air hose because the right of hakko product reseller is covered for every type of hose such as transferring hose for general process in industry, food processing hose and other type of industry.

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