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The way we do Business

Main Policy of Business Operating

R.O.M. determine 2 main business policies to operate business are following as below;

1. Distribute and deliver the optimal spray painting equipment and related equipment to customer in order to create the best productivity to achieve the succeed.


2. Provide the after sales service to customer to maintain their operation in order to prevent the disruption of work and keep spray equipment always be good condition.

Giving the optimal goods to customer

Every spray equipment will be inspected to ensure that there is no damage or error before deliver to customer.


In addition, we also demonstrate product to present customer. Customer acknowledge how to use product. That is help them to choose the most suitable product them. 

Product Demonstration

After Sales Service is the heart of business


Every spray painting equipment has spare part for ready to service paintnance which maintain equipment always be continuous work.


R.O.M. concern about after sales service as the priority activity. Customer can rely spray equipment that spare parts are always available for sales and we have expert service technician team ready to service. 

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